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Best Investments to 10X your Money in 2022!

6 Investments that will help you become financially free.

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Over the last year, the stock market is up another 30%, Ethereum is up 100% and Dogecoin is up a whopping 3870%.

Now even though I cannot promise that I’ll be able to pick the next home run investment that allows you to turn $10,000 into a Lamborghini. I can tell you about the best investments that you could make in 2022.

The Investments I am going to recommend include both safe and risky investments but the aim is to make sure you finish this year on a high. This is especially important because there’s a lot of concern lately about an over-inflated market, inflation, and sky-high real estate values Thus, it’s more important than ever to stick with the investments that work and have the best chance at making you the most amount of money over these next 12 months.

1. Index Funds

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First on our list is in my opinion one of the best investments for 2022. This Investment is Index funds now I realize this sounds like a broken record because everyone talks about this investment all the time but that’s because historically it works really well even when everything is trading at an all-time high.

What is an Index fund:

An index fund is basically just a big basket of stocks you could buy into for one low price instantaneously that way you get to own a little bit of everything without having to buy them each individually at their full price. For example, if you wanted to buy one share of every single company in the S&P500 that would cost you a staggering $110,127 or you could just go and buy something like SPY for $477.

The SPY tracks all stocks at a price that isn’t a literal house the advantage is by doing this you get the diversification of owning 500 different companies and this single Investment is shown to outperform 95% of actively managed funds meaning if all you do is make this one single investment at the beginning of January every single year you’re probably going to make a lot more money than your friends over at wall street bets.

Now of course there is absolutely the stigma out there that we’re trading at all-time highs, now is a market bubble and it’s a bad time to invest but the reality is studies show that since 1988 the market paid higher returns for investing at all-time highs versus just on a random day.

2. Individual Stocks

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Second, on my list are individual stocks I say this because let’s be real even though most of us know we’re probably better off just buying index funds and then doing absolutely nothing that doesn’t stop almost all of us from placing our bets and then seeing if we could do even better and if you pick the right ones well yeah you could end up making a lot of money.

For example, GameStop rallied over 700% and Ford is up 115%, This shows that with the right selection of individual stocks you could wind up making a decent amount of money throughout the next year. However, as I’m sure you already know the higher the return the higher the risk and if you pick wrong you could wind up losing a lot for instance Peloton has dropped 76% RobinHood has fallen 50% and it becomes pretty easy to lose a significant amount of your investment once you buy the dip and it keeps on dipping.

Therefore, my recommendation is that if you are going to take the chance on a few individual companies there is a way to do it with the highest likelihood of coming out profitable and that would be;

1. Don’t invest everything ideally you should only allocate a small part of your portfolio to more speculative investments. This way if a few of them don’t do well you’re not risking everything but if they do well then you’re boosting your return without getting carried away.

2. Don’t invest in hype I have to say every single time I see some momentum gathering online or some upcoming highly anticipated event that’s expected to send the stock price soaring through the moon it turns out to be already priced in, and the stock price plummets while you’re left holding the bag.

3. Always understand what you’re investing don’t invest in a company because everyone else is talking about it or because your favorite influencer likes it and they have a history of being right at least understand what you’re buying how they make money how long you plan to hold them for and how much you’re prepared to lose.

If you follow those three rules it should give you a significantly higher chance of coming out ahead profitable and to at least get you started in the right direction.

3. Roth IRA

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Third, what most people forget is that when you make a lot of money in the markets you’re also going to have to pay taxes sometimes up to 50% in California so as a way to avoid that you should first be investing in a Roth IRA.

What is a Roth IRA?

Now as a quick background the Roth IRA is basically just a retirement account that allows you to contribute up to $6000 a year in after-tax money and then all the profit you make within that account is completely tax-free by the age of 59 and a half as an example let’s just say you max out a Roth IRA at $6000 a year beginning at the age of 20 and all you do is invest in an index fund that makes you seven percent annually by the age of 60 years old you would have over 1 million dollars completely tax-free if you had done this in any other account you would be taxed on that one million dollars worth of profit so even at a fifteen percent long-term capital gains tax rate that’s still around 150,000 dollars gone to taxes because you didn’t listen to this article just think of all the things you could buy with 150,000 dollars.

4. Cryptocurrency

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Fourth there’s no way we could have a top investment of 2022 article without mentioning the highest yielding investments over the last decade and that would be a cryptocurrency and even though we’ve all seen the stories about people becoming a multi-millionaire with dogecoin, retiring in your 30s from an 8000 dollar investment in Shiba Inu or otherwise becoming a teenage millionaire with bitcoin the truth is that not many people get that lucky.

New York global investment firms even found that their best performing portfolios only contained 3% bitcoin and that boosted the value of their accounts by 50%.

So what is the best cryptocurrency investment strategy?

I feel you’re best off just sticking with the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and then doing absolutely nothing for example Bitcoin and Ethereum which throughout the last five years would have given you a 780% and a 2,623% return respectively just by investing 100 a week consistently so for anybody who wants to invest in cryptocurrency this statistically is the safest approach but the more you wander from that top five as every study has shown us the bigger the risk but also potentially the bigger the return.

5. Alternative Investments

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Fifth we also have alternative investments which throughout the last year have done quite well for example we all saw what happened when Logan Paul showcased his Pokemon collection and ignited surge demand for nostalgic collectibles which have already been appreciated at a rather consistent pace or classic cars which have nearly kept pace with the s&p 500 over the last 10 years even the right contemporary art has appreciated 14% annually since 1995 leading people to believe that this is something to be taken very seriously now even though this could absolutely be a very speculative highly liquid investment that you have to research inside and out.

It is possible to diversify and invest some of your money in this category and do quite well for example watch lovers would be happy to know that Rolex Daytona has outperformed the stock market in 2021.

List of example Alternative investments:

  • NFT's
  • Watches
  • Collectible cards e.g Pokémon
  • rare comics
  • classic cars
  • Metaverse

Now the downside of the collectible market is that it’s highly illiquid and you have to wait for the right buyer at the right time so in the event, you need cash immediately the choice is either to sell it at such a rock bottom price to someone who wants a deal or you have to wait. Therefore, for that reason, I don’t recommend investing more than 5% of your net worth in collectible assets just in case something happens and you need the money but if you know what you’re doing or you have the money to buy a Rolex you could do very well in the long run.

6. Real estate

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Finally, one of the best investments you could make in 2022 is real estate.

Now yes it is true that prices have gone up 18.4% year-over-year, interest rates are likely to begin climbing and inventory is at a record low. Even after all these reasons, real estate is still one of my favorite investments to make for the following reasons;

  • First, everybody needs a place to live and it can’t be made cheaper online the reality is all of us need a home and if we’re not renting we’re buying so the market will always remain stable to an extent.
  • Second, the bank will lend you most of the money that you need to buy the house as long as you could come up with a 10 to 20 percent down payment this gives a huge advantage over stocks as you could have complete control over the entire asset without having to buy the entire thing upfront. All you have to do is make your mortgage payments
  • Third, since you have complete control over the property you could make strategic renovations that will increase the home’s value or increase the amount that you could charge for rent for example when I first started buying real estate I would purposely look for places that were a bit worn down that were old and with a few months of work they could be turned into looking brand new and that will increase the property’s value in the process.
  • Fourth, the property could also serve multiple purposes in that you could move in as a cheaper alternative to renting or you could rent it out for an immediate return on your money I actually took this a step further and combined the two by buying a two-unit building fixing it up moving in one side and then renting out the other to cover my entire cost of living this is how I was essentially able to live for free.
  • Fifth, with all of this talk about high inflation real estate, is a great hedge against that’s because when you get a loan from a bank you’re borrowing money and then paying it back over 30 years but over 30 years the value of your money in the future is going to be worth a lot less than it is today thanks to inflation making that a lot easier to pay off over time.
  • Lastly, number six the tax savings are incredible in real estate every expense you have on the property is a write-off against your rental income like your mortgage interest payments, insurance, repairs, and a property manager.

Overall, the best investments for 2022 are;

  1. Index Funds
  2. Individual stocks
  3. Roth IRA’s
  4. Cryptocurrencies
  5. Alternative investments e.g NFT’s
  6. Real estate

I hope this article helped give you an insight into how to financially plan for the coming year and where best to invest your money to maximize returns.

If you enjoyed this article please feel free to give me a follow and take a look at some of my other articles below.




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