Beyond the Riddle of Money

The Wealth Paradox


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There is a famous riddle, that says -"Poor people have it, rich people need it". You might have already heard this, the answer is "Nothing".

However, behind the answer lies a profound truth about the nature of wealth.

Yet, in the context of rich and poor, this concept of "nothing" extends beyond its surface meaning. In this paradox of wealth, let's figure out and shape perceptions and realities

Riches and Illusions :

Based on my own experiences, I have come across a few wealthy people, who somehow always feel that they have "no money", no matter how many millions of dollars are left in the bank account.

On top of the list would be a family friend that we have.

He is a fancy lawyer who also always happens to claim to be as broke as a joke. Meanwhile, he has got more cash than a bank vault. He is exactly like the magician who can pull a rabbit out of an empty hat – except the hat's overflowing with dough.

Then there's Dr. Do-Good, whose office looks like a saint's sanctuary. But behind those caring eyes lurks a money-hungry beast.

His is the kindest doctor, except his level of kindness comes with a price tag. You pay him more, you get the soonest appointment. You don't? Well, good luck with that cough.

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Rich People, Poor Paychecks :

Now, let’s zoom in on these big shots who run the show.

They will squeeze every last drop out of their workers, but when payday rolls around, suddenly they are too sick to sign those fat checks.

Balancing Act:

In our society, some people wear more hats than a hat factory. Take Dr. Do-Good, for instance. He is not just a healer, he is a business person at the same time. It’s s highly profitable business with band-aids attached to the flawed business model.

Laughing Through the Maze :

So, In a world where money talks, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of illusions. But at least we can laugh about it, right?

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If you look carefully, you will find many such characters around you, who behave in a way, as if they have "No money" written on their forehead, with an invisible pen.

Ironically, these are the same people who would think of themselves as a superior class because the poor people have "nothing" in their bank account, in comparison to their money.

So, in a world where "nothing" is the answer, we should definitely enjoy "something" from these characters.

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