Biden’s Fall Reminded Me That Great Power Comes With Great Discomfort

President Joe Biden tripped up the steps to Air Force One three times

S M Mamunur Rahman
Mar 20 · 3 min read
Image by press 👍 and ⭐ from Pixabay

The US president Joe Biden stumbled three times while ascending the staircase of Air Force One on Friday. The incident took place when he was departing for Atlanta from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

And as expected, the news goes viral. It’s in The Guardian, BBC, NYT, Forbes, Washingtonpost, YouTube, Twitter — everywhere. Though he quickly stood straight, reached the top, and turned around for a salute.

We can easily assume, seeing the footage, that he might have some hurt in his left leg. But don’t worry, The New York Times assured us that now he is doing 100% fine.

It is to mention that last November, Biden slipped and fractured his foot while playing with his pet dog named Major.

Anyway, this unfortunate event on the staircase of AF1 is not the first of its kind. After the introduction of Air Force One in 1962, these types of mishaps happened many a time.

  • In June 1975, President Ford slid down the Air Force One stairs
  • In March 2015, President Barack Obama had a near tumble on the Air Force One stairs
  • In October 2018, toilet paper stuck on president Trump’s shoe

I think you understand that it’s a very common incident that may happen with any of us, anywhere, anytime. But when it happens with men with great power, we leave our common sense aside for a while. So the incident becomes the topic of sheer embarrassment and ridicules.

People start to criticize, laugh, and embarrass the person as if it is his/her deliberate fault, and it shows that he/she is incapable of leading a nation. People love to consider their leaders as some superheroes who are beyond any normal human situation.

While thinking about all those unfortunate events, my mind tells me that great power comes — not only with great responsibilities but also with great discomfort.

A discomfort of being on camera all the time. Even the slightest deviation from — what people expect you to be — can make you a fool in front of the whole world. And it turned into breaking news within seconds. You cannot do anything about it.

I think it’s really a tremendous mental pressure that all men with great power carry each moment. They miss their normal life and the beauty and simplicity of it.

They reside in the constant discomfort of being heroes in front of their own people. They are always at the risk of losing the image they created with years of hard work.

I often wonder, do they have a good sleep at night!

Thank you for reading.


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