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image of a beautiful woman getting a massage. The image is black and white and she is lying on her stomach when the masseur rests his forearms on her back. The woman’s eyes are closed. She has flower behind her ear and she looks content.
Photo by Ale Romo on Unsplash

My friend made fifty today and I sent her a birthday message. It was one line and all I wrote was “overdo it”. It took a while before she saw it; I was waiting on her to respond for I knew she would get all filled with consternation.
About an hour later she answered, “thank you but really? Overdo? What? The only over you should be talking about is an overhaul. This body tired. I cannot imagine 60.”

Okay,” I responded, a smile on my lips, “overdo, then overhaul.

She did not continue the conversation. She left me on read.

I did not expect a different response from her, though I wish she had replied differently.

This body is amazing. It works with you and for you. You just have to ask it what it needs and it answers.

Treat it right. Listen to it.

One morning you might hear the whisper, “We can overdo today. Let’s have some fun. The overhaul is done.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer
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Ilis Trudie Palmer


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