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Boiling Regards

Best regards are old-fashioned. We desperately need new salutations.

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Political correctness is becoming so boring. Isn't it? Only dull people want to be politically correct and I sincerely hope you are not one of them. Do not get me wrong, politeness is necessary. Being courteous is very respectable and a crucial skill to navigate the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century. But sometimes…

But sometimes you just want to let loose and be a little creative. Or should I say quirky?

Everything is connected in life, don’t you agree? Mother Nature programmed Life so well. Nature, the ocean, the trees, the volcanoes, the grains, and the wind…. It’s just us homo sapiens that abuse these natural resources for greedy reasons but…. Whatever we are also natural resources and it’d be a huge mistake to believe that we do not depend on Mother Nature’s spell or the solar system’s energy. Call me crazy but I do believe that the solar system plays tricks on us. It has a hidden agenda of some sort. It’s like the oceans and the sea, there are tides hidden somewhere or should I say everywhere?

I mean, the temperatures are rising. The planet is getting warmer. Volcanoes are erupting. It’s a terrible situation to be in. But, here is an uncomfortable truth. Or should I say dramatic? Doctor, I am profoundly confused. May I ask you a question? I am quite concerned. But do you think it’s possible that the temperatures inside us are rising too? I mean, whenever I meet a man, half the time he’s balled. It’s as if their hair got blown away. It makes me laugh, to be honest, I find this quite funny! It’s like the joke of the day Doctor! I am not kidding, I’m dead serious. But it’s awfully preoccupying as if we are an overthinking species and our inner energy is boiling. It’s boiling so much that our hair no longer wants to sit on our heads. The land is not humid enough perhaps. It would make sense. No, doctor? What do you think?

It’s ADHD everywhere! A real epidemic. Gazillions and Megabillions of distractions in every corner of the earth obliging us to overthink, lose attention, and lose our precious hair. Our bodies are overheating. The planet also. I’m terribly upset.

But you know what they say? They say that revenge is a dish better served cold. It wouldn’t make sense to directly attack those people that cause ADHD. We all want a peaceful revolution. You wanna be clever and wise. Why not be a “wiseful rebel”?

He’s a “Wiseful Rebel”. Rebellion in his DNA. That was his life-mission. Quite a strange mission if you ask me. But if that person is happy doctor, why not?

So you want to choose a peaceful revolt and you want to criticize with creation — or — shall I say, with radical originality? Don’t criticize with violence and screams in public spaces. That’s not elegant at all! Peaceful Rebellion has to be elegant; this is a must! If it’s not elegant, then we have a problem.

A good way to be a creative rebel would be to start with creative writing, with rebellious imagination and unordinary salutations. Adding personality to your work makes a whole lot of sense. I sincerely believe it’s a must. Your work, your output, your creation must have an attitude so that everybody feels that empowerment & spiritual energy! If you’re a little bit pissed of by a colleague, write her a letter and finish it off by signing:

Boiling Regards

I think it makes tremendous sense. Don’t you think? You can feel a bit of Rebellion's Spirit in just a salutation. Just 2 words can change the world. After all, it takes 2 to tango like an Eskimo. If you still haven’t understood what I am saying, I am happy to provide you with another example. But wait. On second thought... I’m not so sure. You might become more rebellious than I. Oh well….

Boiling Regards,
Henry Gladstone



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