A Poem.


BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE NFT Painting by Befibrillator

They say the only thing holding me back is my imagination.

Well, my mind is a crayon and I’m about to shoot back into the foundation!

Nose, please calm down, I can dissolve the next carbon bond with just my salivation.

I’m the hundredth and one dalmatian as my incense is the key to your salvation!

I don’t know who Reece Witherspoon is but there’s a magnetic chip in my retina.

I want to delete my last IM but Larry wouldn’t let me do it any sooner.

‘I’m in love’, ‘I believe’, ‘I record’, ‘I delete’… You should know by now that you’re a computer.

Like your lymphatic system, there’s an imaginary menu and I’d love it if we all had the latest program.

HEARTBURN NFT Painting by Befibrillator

How can you tell me to mind my language when the mind doesn’t come with a language?

It’s a superficial structure holding on to whatever projections you allow in or accept into your reality.

Do not think I am paranoid but there really is no surrounding.

If you don’t believe me, then discard all further trains of thought and see if what you’re left with isn’t just a ‘feel-in’!

I don’t try to be deep anymore, I just swallow an orange seed every now and then to reconfigure my Wi-fi signal.

Like a library, I read in the cold whilst simultaneously living inside a whale as a pescatarian.

I know progress is important but real progress is when you receive while disconnected from everything.

I used to think it was a privilege to share a birthday with Einstein until I realized that I’m standing beneath him when it comes to the relative constant of our understanding.

“BOND!” is Poem number 8 from my book EvolutionR

Composed by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan.

Date of Creation — 10th December 2022.



Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan⚡The Befibrillator

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