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Buddha Was Not A Revolutionary

You cannot change anything, but you can let it go.

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Buddha never tried to change anything.

Before Buddha became enlightened, his single desire was to save humanity and solve the puzzle of suffering. He gave it up — for his enlightenment.

“There is no changing the way things are,” he would say. Total acceptance of this is freedom from thinking that you can help change the world.

The universe is in a continual state of balance. For every good act you do, you create a little evil. For every bad act you commit, some good comes from it.

The more we try to save the world, the more we end up screwing things up.

So how should we proceed? Do good for it is the good thing to do. Let go of trying to solve the problems of the world. This planet will take care of itself, and one day our sun will deal earth its final blow. Do good and then forget about it. Laud not over your acts of charity and austerities.

You will not save the world; you can’t do it. Buddha failed, christ failed. They both said the same thing. “Man must wake up.” If a man does not wake up, he will do more harm than he realizes.

When you wake up, you see that the world you intended to save is already perfect and needs no saving.




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