Building High-Performance Teams — Decoding 30 Leadership Concepts In 30 Days

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Concept 6/30 — Check Out This Secret Formula (B-R-A-V-E) To Supercharge Your Team 🚀

Creating High Performance Teams — Leadership Concept
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Did you know that Issues related to psychological safety cost large firms MILLIONS of dollars each year? Despite that, it is still one of the least understood aspects amongst leaders at work!

A psychologically safe workplace begins with a feeling of belonging. Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs — which shows that all humans require their basic needs to be met before they can reach their full potential — employees must feel accepted before they’re able to improve their organizations.

Leaders who create psychological safety and hold their employees accountable for excellence are the highest performing. According to Edmondson — a leader in psychological safety, it is all about finding the balance, as illustrated in the image below:

High performance team framework
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When both Accountability and psychological safety are present, it creates a learning zone for the team — a zone where the team feels free to challenge and own the results, thus leading to high performance!

So how can leaders create this environment where psychological safety and Accountability exist together? Am glad you asked. 😊

Having observed many leaders across different sectors and geographies, I found 5 traits running common across high-performance teams that created a constant learning environment and strived for results. I call this “B-R-A-V-E,” the success formula for high-performance teams.

  1. Become a Role Model for the team
  2. Rollout Tenets for a Safe Space at Work
  3. Advocate Inclusivity & Encourage Dialogue
  4. Vouch for a Learning Culture
  5. Elevate Feedback and Coaching

To sum up, if the leaders can effectively incorporate these 5 traits (B-R-A-V-E) mentioned above, they will be able to harness the power of it all coming together to create an environment where Psychological safety and Accountability can exist together and create a thriving environment for high-performance teams.

I hope this article got you curious about this very critical Leadership Concept for Creating High Performance Teams.

Today is just Day 6 of Exploring 30 Leadership Concepts in 30 Days. Stay tuned for a lot of exciting stuff on Leadership, and bring out the best version of yourself. 🚀

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