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Bunsen Peak

Bunsen burner’s creator has a mountain peak named after him.

Photo of Bunsen Peak

You’ve probably heard about Robert Bunsen because of the burner, you used in the lab.

But have you heard about Bunsen’s peak anytime?

Bunsen had an interest in mountain climbing from his childhood.

As he grew up, geology also piqued his interest.

After a brief visit to Mt. Hekla, Iceland, he shortly hypothesized the cause of volcanic geyser eruption.

Geysers are springs that eject water turbulently & accompanied by upward streamflow to a height.

Bunsen demonstrated his theory using his lab made artificial water basin, a long tube filled with water & a burner.

Vindication of theory led to the naming of the Bunsen peak, situated at Yellowstone National Park, USA.

Even the fun fact is Bunsen didn’t invent the burner that’s named after him.

A similar kind of burner was also used by Michael Faraday but had a much low-temperature flame.

He improved it by using the right concoction of air & a combustible gas.




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