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Fear of failure

Can You Be Successful When You Fear Failure

Understanding the Psychology behind it can help you.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Most people think that they’re not successful because they fear failure which prevents them from taking action.

But that is not true. It is your fear of success that keeps you from moving toward your success.

Are you confused? Fear not.

It is easy to overcome a fear of failure when you understand what it is. I wrote an article a while back explaining the difference between the fear of failure, and the fear of success.

I hope you found some value in it. You might also find value in these.

As always, thank you for reading and responding.

Rasheed Hooda is a regular contributor to #ILLUMINATION, a writers’ community on Medium, where writers support each other to grow and prosper.

He is a self-proclaimed weirdo who lives a Freedom Lifestyle and writes about related topics — Travel (a top writer), Personal Growth, Freedom, and entrepreneurship. (Join the Tribe)

You can let others tell you what it means to be successful, or you can decide it for yourself.”



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Rasheed Hooda

Self-proclaimed weirdo. Jack of Many Trades, Master of Some. Author, Speaker, Photographer. He walked on Route 66 Chicago to L.A.