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Casting Magic Spells of Emotional Connection with Readers

Developing and Using Your Word Magician Skills

In today’s world, there seems to be a lot of hocus pocus going on. Especially the seemingly harmless “Hocus pocus, I’ve lost my focus.”

For many writers believe that all it takes to be a writer is a little bit of fairy dust and a lot of magic.

In Every Writer’s Dream

And in fact, every writer secretly dreams of possessing some magical pixie dust they can sprinkle on their words. Sprinkle heavily enough so readers are instantly mesmerized and fascinated by what they read.

But unfortunately, no, there are no fairies, no good witches, no santa’s elves that can do that for you. And no magical fairy or pixie dust either. Yet you can develop a certain kind of magic in your writing career (with the help of your network, of course).

As Sonia Simone of says, for your content to be attractive enough for “the movers and shakers” in your industry to pay attention to it, you must use “the magic combination” which will make people “look smart for sharing it.”

And the most impactful magic trick that you, as a writer, can dream about and even learn to use in your writing is …

Appeasing the Goblins

your moving audiences by grabbing them by their imagination’s collar,

and masterfully annihilating grandiose illusions and criticism … simply

by using mantras that appease the goblins of inner conflict and confusion.

So, you counter-attack readers’ fears by casting a spell as you dig deep into their very soul. You wave your magic wand of self-revelation by confessing that you are just like them … that you too once had fears about never being able to achieve what you really wanted.

That you too once doubted your abilities, feared you were incapable of succeeding because you thought you’d never be good enough. And you confess that when you look back now, you realize that every beginner you’ve ever known had those same feelings of inadequacy.

Heart-capturing Magic

So, you magically capture reader’s hearts by showing them you care about the same things they care about. You cast your spell and weave your way into their thoughts by showing them that you understand their deepest desires.

And your magic mesmerizes them by arousing their genuine insatiable curiosity …

Thus, you cast your own version of fairy dust by revealing that, to get past that sense of inferiority, it took that firm grip on your imagination’s collar and the shock of a mental and emotional karate chop to shake you out of your despondency and move you into action.

Thus, your magic is a moving assertion that grounds their inner conviction that they too are in a devastating state of delusion they need to dispel.

In other words, you give them the sense that they too can experience that magic of mastery activated by a glorious impactful connection. A monumental connection with you.

The Magical Artistry of Conversion

For your readers must experience that moment of magnificent artistry that guarantees immediate conversion.

A moment of magic that every writer desires to cast upon her own readers. And according to Simone, such magic occurs when your content is meaningful and fascinating.

For in such magical moments, readers remember what they have forgotten.

They realize they have forgotten what it’s like to do what you really enjoy. They have forgotten their lively passion for writing. Forgotten their love of coming up with ideas to write about.

In fact, they have even forgotten what it really feels like to create something they are proud of. Simply because they are so busy wondering what others think about their writing. Worrying whether or not others like it.

The Grandiose Illusion

In the beginning, it’s so easy for writers to get caught up in the grandiose illusion … the seemingly irrepressible idea that you must instantly and incessantly measure up to the standards of others. That you must be that persistent ‘crowd-pleaser;’ must prove yourself as that innate magician who makes magic with words.

And you forget that you are in the process of learning. That you are learning by doing. And that you must make it a habit to do what you love.

And that means you must write. You must write continuously. Arduously. Incessantly.

And not let yourself get distracted by thoughts about whether someone else is better than you. Not get overwhelmed by thoughts about you not getting anywhere. Not get frustrated because it’s taking too long to see results.

For you all too often expect instant success. And quit when the magic doesn’t happen at the moment the spell is cast.

The Magic of Voice

Yet, whether you face it or not, the days will pass by. With or without any sign that a spell was cast.

Time passes all too quickly, whether or not you’ve written anything. But the more you write, the more you will have to show for the time that has passed.

And thus, the more experienced you will become. So, the easier it will be to stay centered and focused on your writing.

And with that sense of ease comes the knowledge that you have something important to say. As well as the development of the magic called your true voice, your unique way of saying something.

Sure, in today’s highly competitive world, the pressure is on. And you will often feel tense and maybe even a little nauseous by the intense need to ‘perform’ magic. The need to magically get followers, people who understand the power of your voice and what you are saying. The need to magically be that crowd-pleaser, the voice of insight and inspiration people expect you to be.

The Ultimate Magic

But the truth is, it’s your reaction to the demands on you that matters most. If you get all anxious and bothered, you won’t do your best work. So, the question to ask yourself is really, “Who is this person speaking, this person in my head? Who is the person behind the voice … and why is she reacting the way she is?”

Ask yourself, “Why would I let myself get upset in the first place?” And ask the ultimate question, “Why not just become the writer I truly want to be?”

For the ultimate magic happen when you finally can be that writer you long to be who just writes because she loves doing it. Because the moment you begin to write to develop your craft … no matter how long it takes … is the moment you begin to feel like a real writer. For the expanding list of your finished work will give you confidence.

And the more confident you are, the more your ability grows as you further develop your skills.

Magical Results

But the magic doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how much you wish it would. And eventually, one day you’ll wake up and the magic is happening. Others are beginning to notice you. People are responding to your words. Your work is getting more reads and more shares.

For you are getting magical results by doing your duty, by developing the undeniable talents you yearned for.

Because ever so slowly, skills are polished to the point of mastery. And you begin to see magic really is possible as one masterminds actions that are guided by intentional choice. Your intentions. Your choices.

Your deliberate choice to be the master of your craft.

As Simone explains, you must “use your skills to get a larger audience for content that’s worth consuming.” Then you experience those results of true magic. You become the master of your own life. The master of your very soul.

You become a master who recognizes that providing meaningful, fascinating content to others depends on you learning to write worthwhile content. Write content that gives value to others.

The Magical Effect

For content with value has a magical effect on people. When you write content that’s valuable to those who make success possible … your readers … the effect on those readers is magical. People want to connect with you. They join your network. They champion your journey of mastering your craft. They foster and support your career because they love who you are becoming and what you do.

And, as Simone also says, “Success is a team activity — and it’s up to you to build a strong, healthy team.” It’s up to you to build a community of people around you who help you become that magician of words. People who help you experience what it means to be skillful and empowered … in spite of living in an imperfect world.

The Magic of Becoming

For it is also a world where the question that may keep coming up in your mind is “Who am I becoming?”

Is that a question that you’ve happily answered? Answered by saying, “I am becoming who I choose to be. A master writer. A magician of words.”

At, Sonia Simone gives you a 7 Point Plan for More Sharable Content . This article helps you build your skills by creating content that emotionally connects with readers.. Content that proves you’re truly becoming that master magician. That magician of words that you dream of becoming.

So, give yourself time to become that magician. Give yourself time to master your craft of making magic with words. For without the magic, a word is only a word. But with magic, words form emotional connections to readers. And create spell-binding success.



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