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Chicken Fish Bread and Wine with a Few Guests Oh and Some of God’s Apple Strudel

A Response to Timothy Key’s When the Dinner Bell Rings, Who Will be at Your Table?

God obviously because he would not turn up.
And I could eat his apple strudel with ice cream.
What?? It’s my dinner party and I’ll
Gorge if I want to gorge if I want to. Gorge if I want to,
You would gorge too if God happened tooo youuuu.

Gandhi. Because he doesn’t eat meat and
I could have his chicken while listening
To his pearls of wisdom.

Muhamed Ali because he is the greatest!
And he said feck you to the Johnson’s government
Over Vietnam losing the best fighting years
Of his career.
Feck it, he can have Gandhi’s chicken.
And God’s strudel.

Bruce Lee, with a determination and stubbornness
To get him out of bed with a broken back and go on
To be the incredible Kung Fu master and star he was,
Chinese no less! In a Hollywood racist environment.

( pppst. Don’t mention Kung Fu the T.V. Show. Or David Carridine.)

Jazuz. Because it would be the second coming removing
The beast from his seat of power in the white house,
Then we can all breathe. Oh yeah and because he can do
Magic tricks with big jugs of water then we could all get pissed
And mess about. Ever seen Jazuz pissed!? Nah neither have I.

How many guests could I have? If Jazuz is there, it has to be twelve.

Well now, I would like some rock stars sucking up to poets and writers,
Just for the craic mind, then the poets and writers suckin’ up to Jazuz
To get more of that water of inspiration he so has a handle on.
This would be the chaotic end of the table where ego’s run amock.

So, Jimi, Janice and Jim would be great craic as I would like to indulge
Meself with the original 27 club.

You never know, Jim may not be dead!
Nudge nudge wink wink.
We would soon find out now as he would get
Stuck into the wine for real!

And Jimi, was it an accidental death?
Or waterboarding with red wine!? Another glass Jimi?

Janice could sing the blues. and she can have as much wine as she likes.
( don’t worry it won’t run out… Eh Jazuz.)
While Hunter S. Thomson and Carles Bukowski could have
A wee wax lyrical “I’m more faced than he is” trade-off for her attention.

I would like Steve McQueen he is the king of cinematic cool,
And could teach them all a lesson on how to be cool, even
Though that would be a tough one with Bruce Lee, his trainer
In the art of Kung Fu.

John Pilger Australian war correspondent since the Vietnam War in the ‘60s
Alerting the world of the Cambodian crisis, (The Red Cross was Gagged by the US and Britain.) on World in Action on ITV,
A British T.V. politics program in the seventies and eighties.
People from around the world donated food, clothes and money,
To help the impoverished people of Cambodia, the result of Pol Pot,
Nixon and Kissinger's carpet bombings as I’m sure you are well aware of
He reports loads of political shitty dealings,
And has had his life threatened loads.

And of course, Sylvia Plath Taken from the world way too soon.

“And by the way, everything in the world is writable about if you have the Outgoing guts and imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

Anyone still hungry? There’s lots of Fish and bread!

Thank you Timothy Key for this Dinner Bell ringy thingy challenge.
You will be there too as will…

The Crew: Eli Snow, Daniel G. Clark, Tree Langdon ♾️, Eashan Reddy Kotha, Paroma Sen, Keno Ogbo, James G Brennan and Uchechi Obasi.

Thank you for reading. J.

Thank you for your support and for giving my words a home! 💚POM💚
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James G Brennan

Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.