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Chronicle: A Forever Gift

May It be infinite while it lasts

(Photo by Eduardo Sánchez/Unsplash)

What comes to your mind with the word marriage? In health and disease, until death do you part. Right? It might be. The idea of ​​marriage is something mystical, built-in us since we started listening to bedtime stories. Of course, if you are a girl raised in the Disney model of education for princesses. Those same ones who are awaiting the prince to arrive on a horse. At least until recently, when this model did not used to be questioned.

However, the conversation here is not to criticize the children’s entertainment industry. That has been saving parents for decades worldwide. That allows a mother to bathe and wash her hair. That allows parents to have a hot meal. Or watch a series. Anyway, I think I made myself understood.

Getting back to what matters. One of these days I was talking about marriage with a friend. She watched her brother get married on another continent, via zoom. Her emotion moved me. How all this mystique surrounds us. It puts the whole family together. Unlike a birthday party that celebrates life. Marriage is a celebration of love, union, and will of two people.

Another interesting point is the feeling of spending your only token for that game with someone. You can get married 1, 2 or 15 times. The idea is not to reach 15. But, if it does, that is fine! Most societies nowadays allow everyone to wait for more than one horse with their suitor. What I mean is that we have an undeniable feeling of questioning whether this was the right person to spend our bet on that game. The game we learn that is forever. Even if it always includes starting over again with someone else.

Look at what a fantastic thing we can gift someone! Something that we believe not to have an end. That we are willing, at that moment, to make each step of that ceremony, whatever it may be, respected for life. Will the problems come? Of course! Can ideas change? Of course! Even birthday gifts get old, do not dress very well, or are changed because they do not suit us.



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Vivianne Chagas

Vivianne Chagas


Journalist, Master's student in Political Science and International Relations, specializing in Public Security and always looking for new stories.