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Blurred Lines Between Church and State

Revealing the Historical Erosion of America’s Sacred Wall

Hive 42
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19 min readMay 2, 2024


I want to clarify from the beginning this isn’t an anti-religious rant. Instead, I’m examining how religious influence on government has evolved in America. The purpose of this piece is straightforward: to demonstrate that what was once a solid wall between church and state has now crumbled into pillars of salt.

Some reading this may be happy with these results. Who doesn’t like their team running things?

No one person’s tribe will always be on top forever, though. Would you one day want to find yourself under the rule of a theocracy not of your own religion?

There are hundreds of denominations of Christianity in America alone. Which one is the right one?

The necessity of this discussion stems from a recent uptick in overreach by partisan political figures who inject their religious biases, challenging principles that were forged into the Constitution.

I’d like to start from the beginning with the founding fathers. They are not the monolith people claim they are. Their diverse points of view on religion will be examined to understand the Constitution when referring to religion. After this, we’ll focus on what the Constitution says about religion.



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