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Cloud adoption for mix generation

I’ve been thinking about how different generations adopted the new everything in the cloud movement. We have the legacy infrastructure, system, codes and a mixture of generation in the company who build it and consumer who use it.

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Through a new generation of Personal computer shift, I am still in touch with industry trends; thanks to many years of building systems for enterprises, my cloud adoption works well and somehow can architect the modern ICT system.

Our ancestors are the generation that grows up learning in the mainframe environment, writing code in COBOL and doing research in university or enterprise labs facilities. After the Personal Computer became a norm, we adopted the internet and moved to web applications together.

The next generation grows up with the internet, and they are ready to use location-free internet-based worldwide networks daily. Version control is available on the internet. The article you wrote can recover to last 5 min, the last hour or yesterday. Or save the first version as a new version.

The latest generation born in the smartphone & early cloud era has embraced edge computing and cloud services from childhood. While they are studying at University, AR/VR and machine learning is getting mature, and cloud-native development is the trend in the industry.

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So from tomorrow to the next decade, the industry has been challenged with different dynamic shifts.

In the typical big enterprise, at least four generations are working together. Different education, experiences and thinking will give them different perceptions and thus different solution approaches to the problems.

The rules of game need to adopt momentum. What vision and core values should we have for the cloud computing world? What strategy and tactics do we need to upgrade to produce the desired results? Everything from objective, organisation structure, departmental KPI, business workflow, process, DevOps, HR policy, talent recruiting, capacity development and work location under challenges.

What if we don’t have the correct data to make a business decision? What if our main products lost competitiveness in clouds and AI enable worlds? What if our cloud adoption does not work well as expected?

How will each generation adopt Everything in Clouds?

How will they work together to solve these problems is the new episode I am excited to see.



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