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Comedy Gold

A poetic form — I just don’t know which one

a black woman in a blue head wrap and that doubles as a shawl; Her face is alit with laughter
Photo by Aikomo Opeyemi on Unsplash

Seinfeld show over thirty
Morphed into comedic gold
I’m watching them on Netflix
Every single episode.

Still laughing uproariously
At the antics of the cast
The jokes had me in stitches
They have not since been surpassed.

My 20 year old GenZ
Came to see what was the fuss
Not at all amused was she
Stayed stoically nonplussed.

The jokes are a bit corny
She said quite disdainfully
Not caring for her commentary
Since another joke hit me.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:-
I thought I was writing a tanaga until I found out that it wasn’t, based on the rules. For those wanting to know, a Tanaga is a Filipino form of poetry from the 16th century. The modern form is composed of four-line stanzas of seven syllables each, with end rhymes, normally AABB, but this can vary to ABBA, ABAB, AAAA, and others.

I decided to share it nevertheless since it is keeping with my 3-for-1 rule.




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Ilis Trudie Palmer

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