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Consider Putting Curiosity on Your Next Year’s Resolutions List

We all know you’re about to create a resolutions list during the festive season

This year I’m about to include curiosity on my resolution list…

  • it makes you stay alert and keep your mind active — there’s nothing worse than letting your consciousness wander without a specific goal. When you’re curious about things, you naturally keep your mind active trying to figure many things out. This ultimately sets you in working mode, both in the professional and personal aspects.
  • you become more assertive when it comes to embracing new things — being stagnant is definitely not something you’d want since it has the potential to fully stop your development processes. Curiosity, on the other hand, helps you embrace changes simply because its whole purpose is welcoming new things into your life.
  • curiosity excites you and naturally puts you in a good mood — the thing with curiosity is that it often leads you in different directions which ultimately doesn’t leave any room for boredom. Being in a good mood and feeling motivated is certainly going to keep you excited and we all know that excited people are far more willing to engage in new activities and achieve much.

How to nurture curiosity effortlessly?
  1. Try checking things out first, before making any conclusions. Many people are quick to judge — when you come to think about it, it’s a rather normal defensive coping strategy. But when it comes to curiosity, this tendency can really turn into an obstacle to your self-development. When we are quick to scratch out an idea, a person, a situation, or even a job opportunity simply because they appear odd, we face the chance of actually missing out quite a lot. So my advice is to try to stay as open-minded as possible. Who knows what could come out of what you’d normally pass on?
  2. Don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities. When you allow yourself to enter unknown or unexplored territories, you give yourself the chance to gather new experiences and even stumble upon new roads that can lead you to success.
  3. Make asking questions your second nature. The art of asking questions is perhaps the easiest way a person can educate themselves on virtually anything. In addition to this, oftentimes one question leads to another — after all, that’s exactly what curiosity is all about!

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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of vipe studio. still running marathons though.