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Countries Where You Can Migrate To

Visa programmes which you can apply

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Waking up to something more than the familiar walls in your room might be a pursuit for many, but it won’t happen if one perch at home fantasizing about it. As much as many would oppose, the belief that the environment has a substantial behavioural influence on humans still stands strong and unwavering. If you’re undergoing a midlife crisis or feeling “trapped” in your daily mundane routine, try changing your environment for a fresh start. A new environment and culture might allow you to take a breather and breathe again. Here’s a list of ways you can try —

  1. Electronic Diversity Visa Program (
  2. Global Impact Visa (
  3. NZ Investment Options (
  4. Innovator Visa (
  5. Start-up Visa (
  6. French Tech Visa (
  7. Start-up Founders (
  8. Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) (
  9. New Entrepreneur Visa (
  10. Business & Investment Visas (
  11. Entrepreneur Stream (
  12. Entrepreneur Resident Visa (
  13. Start-up Visa Program (
  14. Startup Visa (
  15. StartUP Visa (
  16. Residence Permit Application For An Entrepreneur (
  17. Italia Startup Visa (
  18. Business Innovation And Investment (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 188E) – Entrepreneur Stream (
  19. Business Visa (
  20. OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) Entrepreneur Stream (
  21. Immigrate To PEI As An Entrepreneur (
  22. Immigrant Investor Visas (
  23. Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Programme (MTEP) (
  24. Build Your Startup In Finland (
  25. Startup Visa Portugal (
  26. Moving To Sweden To Start A Business (
  27. Start-Up Denmark (
  28. Documents Required For EntrePass (
  29. Residence Permit For The Purpose Of Self-employment (
  30. Setting Up A Business
    In Spain
    ( & Entrepreneurs (
  31. Startup Visa (
  32. Startup Visa (
  33. Startup Estonia (
  34. Startup Chile (

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