Creating Disposable Emails for Free, Anytime and Anywhere

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Now you can finally control who gets to send you email.

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Pop Quiz: You’ll easily ace this one.

. What modern innovation do you use the most?

. What technology do you engage in at the beginning of the day, at day’s end and several times throughout the day?

If you answered, “email” for either or both of those questions, go to the head of the class.

Managing Email Challenges Most of Us

If our email is as central to our lifestyle as it is, why do we often struggle with it? The quantity and quality of what we receive in our inbox is certainly not enviable. Our inboxes are loaded with noxious advertisements and commercial offerings we’ll never pursue. That’s because we tend to hold on to old emails in case we want to contact the senders. Suppose we have a change of heart or discover a need for further information. We tend to use our inbox folder as a treasure chest of important memories. As the Buddhist tradition reminds us, we are grasping, striving creatures.

That’s why the “zero inbox” methodologies are wildly popular. (Take five seconds in the midst of reading this article and look at the number of emails in your inbox.) See Inbox Zero: Consider How to Stop Checking Email and Start Finishing It by Ian Charnas.

Our Contact Information Is a Public Commodity

Where do all of our emails originate? They come to us because we are both interested in others and we are interesting people ourselves. The meaning of our lives revolves around our relationships. We seek out information on people and things. We engage in conversations about the people and the businesses which provide us merchandise. We share our emails to establish and maintain contact with others.

But greed is also omnipresent in this culture. People sell our contact information via the internet to make money. Our personal data has made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. No matter where we go and, our email address is how people will connect with us. That’s why we need to start using disposable email accounts.

Controlling Our Email with Temporary Email…



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