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Current trends in IoT

“Gartner reports that there are 14.2 billion connected things in use in 2019. The company also anticipates that there will be 25 billion connected things by 2021.”

IoT generally stands for the Internet of Things which means the network of things we mainly use in our routine life. IoT includes everything from cellphones, washing machines, wearable devices, and anything we use or we can think of. In IoT, networks will be developed between people-people, people-things, or things-things. IoT is also used in healthcare, smart home systems, agriculture, smart city development.

Now I would like to share some important and very current trends which IoT following in 2020.

1.Track your missing stuff:

In our daily routine, we come across many things but after usage of it where we have put it sometimes, we don't remember about that. But researchers also found its solution by innovating LEAP a small size wearable device. It uses different tracking technologies to find the stuff so that we can’t miss it again.

LEAP’s diameter is 42 mm, its thickness is 11.5 mm, and mainly it is also light weighted and waterproof. Our missing stuff can be traced in 5G Networks but it also facilitates GlobalStar Satellite Network so it will be a lot easier to trace in every remote location. As it has very low power requirements and if anyone charges this device once than it can run smoothly for months.

In developing countries the crime like Child Trafficking, kidnapping is hiking day by day but this device can be very useful to get the correct remote location of the child. The same case can be applied for the pets as sometimes they went out to roam. It can be also helpful to found out our expensive products. So it can be a anoint innovation for the world.

2. Batman-like Technology which helps cops to fight crime:

We are hearing gunfire incidents happening in the US frequently. So to deal with this problem they have developed a software named as “ShotSpotter”. The software was developed using advanced systems of sensors, algorithms, artificial intelligence to determine gunfire incidents.

The software analyzes audio signals and pulse features from the potential gunfires and this application determines from the sounds collected by sensors and classified it as gunshot or not. If it is gunfire then it immediately sends the notification to the security agencies.

In Oakland, CA, ShotSpotter claims to have contributed to a 29% overall reduction in gunfire incidents per day from 2012–2017. In Sacramento, the technology has apparently detected 1,905 gunfire incidents, resulting in 142 arrests and 132 recovered guns. Rochester, NY, is said to have seen a 40% reduction in gunshot incidents.

For any country, we often hear the news of Ceasefire violation from neighboring country troops on borders so if we use this software then it would be beneficial for our military and they can also give a tough fight to terrorism by identifying the gunfire sounds and take necessary action on the enemies. By using this software militants can also get knowledge about guns our enemies have with the sound generated by it.

IoT provides the bridge between the Physical and Virtual world and this is the aspect that makes IoT absolutely indispensable in the coming years.



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