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Customer Success Manager to Win Sustainable Business Growth

A successful business isn’t secret anymore.

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Customer loyalty is valuable

With the digital technology surrounding us from getting up to being back to sleep repeatedly, we can say that we are in a world of connection between offline and online, customer and company, and customer and customer. Meanwhile, the communications are boundless, customer success manager is a key that customers will be with you or not. I am gonna tell you that loyalty is a precious bond to protect the company and brand for sustainable growth.

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What is a customer success manager?

The continuous growth of a business depends partly on the customer success manager. A customer success manager's job description is to guide and support customers' growth together with the company.

‘Customer’ or ‘Company’ success?

It can’t be separated clearly when we are in the era of customer-centric focus. In the case of winning beyond customers, don’t you think you are winning? It is not an easy way by the way. The customer success manager has a major role to show the customer the path to a value that includes the company value. When a company and customer goals synchronize seamlessly, you are successful.

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Customer success manager KPI

According to customer success metrics and KPIs to track in 2022, it is simple as that customer win, you win in terms of 5 dimensions.

  1. Technical performance — yield and loss ratio
  2. Business performance — monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  3. Customer engagement — customer satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS)
  4. Lead generation — conversion rate
  5. Return on Investment (ROI) — cost and value return

The point is that you need to measure what factors affect your customer purchase or repurchase rate following the mentioned five basic business performances. The fast you find the relevant indicator, the fast you know how to win your customer's mind.

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The business can’t grow when you let your customers stand in the corner with desertification and unmet needs. Customer success managers will make you cross-team to win customer hearts sustainably and they will help you go big beyond you can imagine.

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