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Dark Blue Ink

Created on Canva, Ilis Trudie Palmer

This side up
Wishing for the box to be right side up
Where the top opens to a reality
As envisioned by me,

The sun shining bright
The moon casting a light
The rain washing away tears of sorrow, an uncertain tomorrow
And goodness and mercy shine on me.

Instead perception of real
A box tumbling down a hill
Without any stops,
Just a tough life and hard knocks,
And a Jill with her Jack missing still.

In moments like these
Pause is best,
To settle this feel of unrest
and try to find zen
I put the box on my head
And trod on, with eyes straight ahead.

© Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love
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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer


Energy, Creativity, Spirituality, the Great E.S.C; One dose of upfulness in each story or poem or song lyric.