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Dark Places: who is friend, who is foe?

Dark Places: He’s a good one. Yeah right!

The librarian asked for a library assistant

He’s a good one, said the Corrections Officer before leaving the library

His training began. The prisoner appeared to work fast, and with a smile made all the right noises.

Miss, can you check that I am doing this shelving properly?

She walked out of the office and into the library.

Where are you?

He stepped out from the first row of shelves.

Over here Miss

She walked over and began to check his work.


She turned towards him, and saw a mist or smoke in front of her.

Is that smoke?

She sniffed, but it was not smoke. There was no smell. She dismissed it.

Yes, your work is correct, keep it up.

Back in her office she reached out to pull back her chair, she felt dizzy, fuzzy, faint, like she was losing consciousness.

What is happening?

She sat in the office chair, placed her elbows on her desk, lowered her head into her hands, and tried to stop herself from losing consciousness.

Miss…Miss, are you ok?

When she heard his voice and those words she felt the fear.

Why did he ask that? Oh no, I am here alone with him.

She focused all her strength, all her energy, all her being on remaining awake and alert.

Please please work. Stay awake… I must stay awake.

Her head began to clear. He appeared at the office door.

Are you ok Miss?

She clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and looked at him

Yes. Do you want something?

He looked confused.

Are you ok? she asked, do you want something?

Pause…I have finished the shelf checking.

Go back and start on the non-fiction she said. I will be there shortly to check work.

As he turned and walked back into the library she relaxed her hands and took a deep breath before standing up.

Correction Officer — He is starting a course so we will find you another library assistant.

Librarian — Why was he assigned to me as the library assistant, if he was starting a course?

Correction Officer — We didn’t know he was starting the course

First Correction Officer — I have someone who is a good one

Second Correction Officer — I have someone who is a good one

Third Correction Officer — I have someone who is a good one

Dark Places: He’s a good one. Yeah right!

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Maryanne Marsters

Maryanne Marsters

Writer. Kia orana, I come from little islands in the biggest ocean in the world - Moana Pacific. I write of moments in lives. The voices of people, of us.