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Desert landscape
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Witnessing the momentum, the self-doubt, the aspirations of a new writer launching a new publication.

The courage of an instant, the strenuous search for a cover able to translate intentions, the battle with the title, laconic yet catalytic, how about Cloudy Lemonade? Silence.

The shooting, the nocking of the arrow, the drawing and anchoring of the bow, the aiming, the releasing of the string…

A simple click on that overpromising “publish” button, and in a nanosecond, you cross a lifetime of fears of not belonging, not being enough, and not deserving a space. Splash, you find yourself on the other side with a new publication under your name, wow. As the echo of your jump wears out, you dust yourself off to then realize you are at the bottom of something steep, muddy, and slippery, oh wait there is a sign there “Now, do the work”.

The moment you finally understand that motion is not progress.

An automatic message in your inbox reads:

Thank you for applying for the new Sisyphus position. Nothing personal, the world will simply keep ignoring you until it sees value in your work, until then, take care.




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Cristina Comunian

Cristina Comunian

Before the straightjacket feels comfortable again, I hit "publish".

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