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Desire 2

Desire as connection with the flow of difference-in-itself

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Life is an ontological / ethical concept.


Life is infinitely vital and infinitely innovative.

The closest we can get to sensing the virtual is by immersing our desire in the process of creativity and experimentation.


The self is not an identity but a process of becoming.

Affects and Percepts

Affects and percepts are the stuff from which desire is formed.

Desire and Power

Desire runs through life and propels it through a process of becoming.

The Immanent Plane

Individuality is never constant and always changing: true individuality is driven or empowered by pure difference.

The Body Without Organs

The pure intensities of life are not locked down in the framework of an organism.

The Ethics of Desire

The Good Life as Immanence

To live well is to fully express one’s immanent power, to go to the limits of one’s potential, to participate in the flow of desire that is the genesis of becoming.



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Tomas Byrne

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