Do I Have PTSD? It Is Not Only War That Can Do This To Someone.

What causes these terrible feelings?


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I was homeless with twin babies and a mentally ill husband. All I did was ask for help and cope with the circumstances.

There was the constant moving from one place to another. My babies needed stability. Somehow, they never wanted for anything. We always had food, milk, diapers, clothes, etc. We were able to survive but it was hit or miss. There were a lot of people that gave their hard-earned cash to help and I know it was because I had babies. Sometimes, people would say they would help then change their minds; embarrassed and needing to cope with the circumstances of their lie.

We finally found a shelter through a friend that really helped us. We lived there for eighteen months. I took some computer courses, found a job, then we moved into an apartment. The twins went to school. I felt like a human again.

I haven’t told you what the cause of the homeless situation was though. Maybe you can guess, but I doubt it.

There are many reasons that cause homelessness. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental illness, inability to cope with stress, financial ruin, divorce, loss of any kind are some reasons.

Our reason was moving to another country and realizing it was a big mistake.

We sold everything. We used all the money we had to move and set up a new life which was about $50,000. It was gone in less than a year. We had to get back and undo this failure, but we had two babies to care for and no means of any financial help as some of the money was stolen from us.

We got a loan from an aunt of his (my husband at the time) that got us back to the states. It paid for passports for the babies, taxes, fees to the government that were never paid while there, airfare, and then more taxes and fees at the airport because of shysters that took a lot of our money and ran with it.

We had no money when we got back; only us and a cat. That cat saved us so we were not going to lose him.

My husband suffered from stress and being afraid he would be arrested when we landed because of some thievery that I had no part of. Being stuck in that thought pattern…



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