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Does a 21-day challenge really work?

Well, that depends!

21 days rule or challenge says that if you want to adapt or leave a habit, continue it for 21 days, and then you see the results. It is designed to help you explore and identify what is truly essential in your life, eliminate the nonessential, and make the execution as simple as possible.

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I tried an experiment with myself considering two of my habits, one adopting and quitting the other.

1: Waking up early
2: Quitting sugar

You won’t believe it but only one of them worked.
Wanna know why?

It’s all inside you and your desire to change.

Let’s start with the habit of waking up early. Since childhood, it’s always have been situations that have woken me up say going to school or playing in the park on a Sunday, or catching an early flight for some trip. If I keep all of these off the table, not even an earthquake would have woken me up. Cut to adulthood, with waking up early for work I thought why not push it to an hour early and make it a ritual of waking up early. To be very honest, it was super hard in a few days after starting, I managed somehow but after a week or so I started to feel more tired instead of energetic. I felt drained.

On the other hand, when I thought of quitting sugar from my food habits, it was hard but the consistency and discipline popped out somewhere I completed it for 21 whole days and now I can see a beautiful change in myself.

So how did I have two different experiences in the same 21 days?

If you really, consciously want to do it, you will surely try it and will succeed gradually. But if you are under pressure or doing it will absolute zero will, it might have an adverse effect on your mind and body.

So I think to take it 21 or take it 30 it’s just a time for you to adapt the process and continue it. No one has a guarantee of change except you, yourself. So research well and if you really want to adapt or quit, be thorough with it and openly acceptable. :)



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