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Does It Ever Feel Like Someone Has Written About the Idea You Have?

Should you write about it or not?

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This is very common. Your head is boiling with an idea, and you can’t wait to put it down on paper. You finally write it, and it feels like the best work you’ve written. But instead of posting it, you let it marinate because you know for a fact that it’s not good to post an article immediately after you write it.

So, you go on Quora to just read some answers because that’s what you do in your spare time. You spend five minutes there, and you see the topic you just wrote about — plus how that article has lots of engagements.

This has shaken your confidence a little because you feel like your article didn’t touch as many points as the article you’ve seen somewhere else did. You go back to your article. You feel like beefing the article up to resemble that one, but you don’t want to, so it won’t look like you’re copying what somebody has said.

You get another thought that’s telling you to delete it and write something else. “Which voice do I listen to?” You ask yourself.

Well, I’m going to tell you firsthand that if you let the former mindset win, you won’t ever publish any content because there are many similar articles on the internet. Some of which may be so alike that it’s just the author’s name that will be different.

This shouldn’t stop you. It’s just your mind playing games on you, making you think that a regulatory body somewhere will expose you for publishing an idea that someone else has written about.

I guess it’s the imposter syndrome showing itself again, where you feel like a fraud, and that you’ll get exposed if you keep going.

Every story is different. Although they may have similar messages, the writers are all unique and have their audience and unique views.

At times, you need to see it as you, helping your reader. People usually don’t get convinced after the first trial. It takes a series of persuasion to get them to follow a particular train of thought. See it as you doing your part to help.

Imagine if everyone had the same mindset as you, where they don’t publish their content because someone has created something around the topic. Would the internet be any fun?

For every new content created around a topic, the writer brings fresher insights, which the audience needs.

So, don’t let things like that hold you back anymore. Write and publish your content without minding if it has been written a thousand times before.

Trust me; there’s someone out there who will find what you have to say helpful. Do it for that person.

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