Does Putin Have A Demon?

…but isn’t he a Christian?

Carel Kolchinski
3 min readFeb 26, 2024


A demon head.
Image credit: Carel Kolchinski

Demonic possession is probably a reality of some kind — dark evil seeping into the very fabric of a human soul. The Catholic Church is arguably the expert on this topic with their long history of exorcisms and priests trained, dedicated to expunge those ultimate negative beings who came from God knows where.

Evil can exist in many different forms.

I think most right-thinking people are disgusted and angry by the death of Alexei Navalny, a brave man who dared to want a better future for the people of Russia. There is every likelihood that his death was engineered by the regime now solely in the grip of the ex-KGB man, a man responsible for the death of many others who also wanted freedom.

But Vladimir Putin appears to have some affinity with and appreciation of the orthodox church within his country and has often been portrayed as embracing the trappings of that form of Christianity.

But if he has a Christian faith, it is debatable whether it could stand up to scrutiny. It is difficult to square the circle of a genuine Christian belief with actions that result in the death of innocents and the destruction of their homes. At times then it would appear that Putin’s demonic sidekick rears its bloody, brutal head and gains ascendency within his personality.

Like all despotic regimes, it is the people of that country that suffer the most. Their freedom is denied, and their futures are blighted by corruption, ignorance, and greed.

The Russian people, just like all of us, want to live in peace, prosper, and reach their full potential. Surely, they deserve better leadership than that of Putin and his yes-men.

The actions of Putin’s regime have led to isolation. The majority of nations now look upon Russia as a rogue state, a country to be shunned, avoided, and condemned. And those countries that attempt to continue to trade and have a dialogue with the despotic regime will be shown to stand on the wrong side of decency and humanity.

Dictators always seem to forget that they have feet of clay. One day death will come to them. Then they will be answerable for their actions, thoughts, and, words while on this earth. Their spiritual condition after life will be determined by the way they lived, and the relationship they had with other human beings and all living creatures. We create our own heaven or hell, day by day.

But, if a man has forgotten his spiritual nature — THAT which gives him life - then despite a protestation of religiosity, dark forces can gain access to his psyche and stake a claim within his being. Such a condition is evidenced by savagery and cruelty towards other living beings.

I feel a sadness when I consider Vladimir Putin. He will not be remembered as a reincarnation of Peter The Great, his hero, but as an ignorant man, ignorant of his spiritual state, and as the ruthless killer of innocent, men, women, and children.

For the safety of the world, the Putin regime must fall, as it will. It is only a question of time. What good could be achieved in Russia if they had a wise leadership prepared to share the immense wealth of that country, to return their proud nation to the world stage, and to create peace and prosperity for all?

The priest knows that if a demon is not exorcised it will gradually turn on its host and seek to destroy the body it occupies and carry its soul, spirit, essence — whatever you want to name it — into the dark pit from whence it came.



Carel Kolchinski

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