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~ Sage Advice For All Who Go Toe To Toe With The UnWoke* ~

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We Vote The Woke One In,
They Vote The Woke One Out.
We Vote The Woke One In,
And We Shake It All About.
We Do The Hokey Wokey And We Turn It Upside Down.
That’s What It’s All About!

| wōk | verb past of wake1

adjective (woker, wokest) often derogatory

alert to and concerned about social injustice and discrimination: he’s an activist and very woke | woke culture has moved into mainstream journalism | my neighborhood is a very woke area | we need to stay angry, and stay woke.

By definition, it’s simple. So how did it get so complicated?
If you are dismayed by social injustice and discrimination, you are woke.
Would the derogatory be “too woke”? How can you be too woke? You can’t!
So conservatives manipulated the meaning to suit their agenda.
Ergo, people who use “woke” derogatorily are self-proclaimed unabashed 21st-century bigots who no longer hide beneath their robes and pointy hats.

I follow conversations on Facebook between Trump’s advocates and opponents and I admire the steadfastness of the woke. They go back and forth ad nauseam and never get the least bit of capitulation on any issue, nevertheless, they persevere with the facts in the face of salacious conspiracy theories.

Trump advocates never introduce evidence or rationale to support any of their patently false imbecilic simpleminded assertions, so how could they really expect to sway anyone to their way of thinking?
Conversely, anti-Trumpians(the woke) seem, overall, to be an intelligent lot who delineate their convictions with clarity and specificity. Oh, there it is! No wonder the Trump advocates never get it. Such narratives exceed both Trump and his lemming’s attention span and comprehension ceiling.

Sage Advice #1: Dumb it down a wee bit for Donald’s base going forward.
Be clear about how Donald’s “Rich-Get-Richer, Poor-Get-Poorer” policy, by design, keeps them in low-level worker-bee roles forever as a cheap labor force for the rich.

To a woke liberal, it is unimaginably self-righteous for anyone to presume it is appropriate to judge, object, or suppress a woman’s right to control her body or anyone’s right to be their authentic self and acknowledge who they love without shame, or fear of retribution by ignorant unenlightened Bible-thumping bigots. Sorry for that. I have nothing against God-fearing folk per se, but sometimes I get so angry with the hypocrisy that my torpid militant wokeness wishes I could turn the tables on those ignorant oppressive assholes and see how they like it. There I go again. But that would play right into their testosterone-driven GI-Joe state of mind that wants to lock n’ load for real, and then I’d be as bad as they are. I imagine, left to their own devices, that eventually, most will find their way behind bars, but how many innocent people have to get hurt in the meantime? See, I just can’t help myself. This is exactly why I can’t get into the fray. I’d self-destruct.

And Donald, I’m sorry to inform you, not, but your precious blood was contaminated, as you put it, long ago. It’s far too late to worry about that now. You are as homogenously indistinctive as the rest of us. Don’t panic Donald, homogenous doesn’t mean you’re gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;-)

Sage Advice #2:
Engaging the unwoke is a dizzying prospect
requiring a steady mind
and careful consideration of every aspect.

Do not react with negativity
when they disrespect you,
your principles, or sensibility.

The worst thing you can do here
is to let them slow your roll,
see you sweat, or sense your fear.

They only want to get a reaction,
so have your shit together, keep your cool,
and don’t give ’em the satisfaction.

Challenge their baseless assertions,
and debunk their alternative facts.
Chastise when they cast their aspersions.
and expose all their egregious acts.

With Pen And Faculty We Slog Away
To Foster Awareness In The Uninitiated
And Clarity Of Conscience In The Culpable.
We’re Battling The Idiocy Of Bigotry Every Day.
Stay Strong My Babies! You will Know What To Say.

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