Don’t Allow the Writer in You to Die

As long as we keep writing we breathe life

Brenda Mahler
Apr 11 · 4 min read
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Every writers’ dream begins differently. Even though the names of the main characters differ as much as the motivations that drive the action, they all share a basic desire. They all want success. Writers’ and their characters crave to star in a bestseller.

Novelists want to create infamous characters who stand the test of time, come alive on the page, and walk the novel to the top of the bestseller list. Though a writer’s name may never appear in the rising action, her spirit infiltrates the movement. The supporting cast consists of other struggling writers who sit with a coffee in hand, writing about summer vacation, the stock market, how to find success at the latest viral adventure, and life.

I am the main character of my story as you are of yours

The last two years of writing has taught her to keep writing. As a writer, she exists as one among many who understand the struggles of finding an audience. If writing truly reflects one’s soul, validation of the spirit requires endorsement of the writing. It takes time to acquire readers, so don’t quit before they discover you and validate your reality.

The rising action of my story probably resembles yours

The current scene of our protagonist’s story portrays a 58-year-old, retired, English teacher vowing to explore and discover strategies of an efficacious writer. The list of strategies not attempted may be shorter than the opposite, what has been tried.

She composed a book, sent out queries, and in return received letters politely acknowledging no interest. She circulated a second round of queries and waits impatiently.

After reading a blog, she believed the ability to be a blogtress laid in her hands, so she researched to acquire technical skills reading about Bluehost, WordPress, SEO, themes, MailPoet. Her learning curve spiked while slowly conquering her conflict with technology.

By using Facebook as a social sharing platform, our heroine bribed family and friends to read her writing. Then, begged each reader to subscribe to her blog, I AM My Best! Basically, she prostituted her words and whored her passion.

The numbers of readers soared — for a couple days — achieving 90 subscribers; all the while, trusting fame dwelled around the corner. However, once every acquaintance in her address book had enlisted their support, subscriptions stalled. The struggle shifted from internal to external and finally to all of mankind because she desired that the world witness her success.

More investigations prompted an introduction to Reddit where one story received attention with 182 comments. Our character gathered followers, but a brash, invisible antagonist proclaimed the truth that her success promoted limited support for her blog, inflicting increased conflict and emotional stress. Reddit provided momentary fodder to her spirit but limited nutritious stability to her being. She moved on to explore, Tiberr, AllTop, Stumble Upon, Mention, Digg,, Blog Engage, and Blokube.

The tension grew oppressive. Her heart remained heavy, and spirit wilted until Medium introduced himself and a relationship developed. Over time, our retired teacher learned to maneuver and survive in this new setting. Peers accepted her words offering in return, positive comments; however, the satisfaction lived a short life.

All writers conflicts intersect

So many writers all fighting to deliver lines on the stage of live. Hers became lost — one among many.

Filled with doubts, she stood on the cliff of indecisiveness. Should she simply sit down, and watch others paint the skyline with their words, toss a page periodically into the wind and wait, or jump into verses, sentences, paragraphs and pages acknowledging the potential fortuitous result of burying herself alive while recognizing the hazards of choking, cramping, suffocating, or smothering causing death by asphyxiation?

Reading her own writing became reminiscent of childbirth presenting all the apprehension, pain, and fear. Life throws crap at all the characters on stage but how would the story end if everyone walked off stage just to avoid the unpleasantness. Eventually, humankind would disappear if women refused to reproduce, welcome, and accept new life into the world.

So, our character is pregnant with anticipation, desiring direction from an outside source, be it human or a sign from the universe. While she continues to wait impatiently, she open sthe laptop to write.

Our falling action

She surrenders! After days, months, years, a lifetime of writing, the time has come to end the chronology of her writing experiences. If she stops now, the anxiety will vanish. However, the goal is to be a successful writer, successful has a lose definition: admired, recognized, financially rewarded, or just noticed. Is she willing to end each day’s struggle? What would give each day meaning without the words? When the story stops, does life end?

She picks up a book and reads. Transported to another land she realizes, others, before her, have stood on the same cliff of indecision.

Then after many missteps, we read another book, poem, essay, article and think, “I can do that.”

Sometimes I think the story of my life may conclude with a chapter titled, “What the Hell’s the Use.” A cliffhanger challenging the me, a writer, to decide if a future will emerge for the script or if I am simply being pulled into a to be continued story line.

However, it’s 9:00 a.m. and 1,000 readers have consumed my words this morning, so she opens her laptop to write as she wonders what tomorrow will bring. As long as words appear on the page a writer exists waiting for the conclusion to be written.


We curate outstanding articles from diverse domains and…

Brenda Mahler

Written by

Real life person sharing real life stories to inspire and help learn to love ourselves and others. Let me introduce myself


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

Brenda Mahler

Written by

Real life person sharing real life stories to inspire and help learn to love ourselves and others. Let me introduce myself


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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