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Don’t listen to the “Society”

Society will always expect things contrary to your aspirations and dreams.

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Society has always a counterargument ready to pull you down. Knowingly or unknowingly there are many decisions in life that we have taken to satiate the hunger of society.

You must be thinking who are these people in society? These are the bunch of people who are eagerly waiting for some news to come so that they can express their notions and give a counterargument to whatever the case is. If there is a piece of happy news, society will have something negative to express in that scenario and if there is a piece of sad news, society will sympathize with you and try to give a false feeling of happiness. So, basically, society will have a 180 degree opposite response to your feelings or actions.

There are many instances in life that I have personally experienced in this regard. I have seen cases where everything is going normal and everyone in the family is happy and suddenly one day the family splits up, just because some members of the society had the power to influence and take you in the wrong direction.

We must have seen cases where a person in the family excelled in his studies or got a job and then you get to hear the negative comments coming from your neighbors. These comments are a mixture of everything that you can possibly think of. But their objective is only to humiliate you and make you feel inferior. More often than not, we succumb to these comments and criticism. More often than not these are the people who have hardly tried to achieve anything in life, they have no clue about the lives they are living, no dreams, no ambitions. When a person has no purpose of his own, he is bound to spend his 24 hours on others. The surprising fact is that majority of the people in society are these ambitionless people who have never dreamt big in their lives and expect even others not to do so.

Society will always ask more from you but think once before coming to any conclusion. Question yourself, “Is that what you want?”. Give yourself time and take decisions and these decisions will always guide you to the right path. So, eliminate the social factor from your decision-making process and never fall for this trap of, “ What society will say?” Yes, we all have heard this n number of times in our life and this single phrase has caused trouble for many, destroyed many lives, sucked happiness and created regret for all.

These are all the realities that we all have faced but when it comes to any action being taken from our side to stop this nonsense. The answer is clear NO.

We fall for this trap. We regret later for the step taken but by then it would have been too late.

I have no interest in following what society thinks is trendy or cool. I have my own dreams to fulfill. I have finished my master's, cleared AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) and SSB (Service Selection Board), and got into Air Force Academy as an Education Officer Cadet. Even when I faced setbacks in my life, I was able to handle them and the same applies to each individual. Now I am working in a technology-based startup and I am loving every bit of it. In the past 24 years, I have never set my foot in a club, never drank alcohol, and have done things that make me happy and satisfied. At the end of the day when you lie down on your bed, there should be a smile on your lips and satisfaction in your heart.

Let us put our conscience, and thinking power into use and not depend on society’s judgment for everything we do. Let us be happy because we want to be happy and not because society expects us to be. Let us become responsible for ourselves and start acting. Give yourself time to think about yourself rather than spending your 24 hours comparing your life with others.



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