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Don’t PUSH, PULL comes Naturally..!

“What is the speed of light?”

“3.0*10⁸m/s !”

Days in the city are pretty much filled with work. A 9–5 job. Or to be precise, a 7–7 job + travel time.

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Manu does a 9–5 job. Or to be precise, it is a 7–7 job + travel time. She works in a metro city far away from her hometown. The only time she gets to spend with family, friends, and relatives is the holidays, she plans twice or thrice a year. Ya, 20 or 30 versus 365.

Her days in the city are pretty much filled with work. The rest of the time she gets goes into daily chores. Slowly settling in the new city, Manu started to hang out with neighbors.

Mrs. Indu is one such local and neighbor.

They made a deal.

▸What’s fascinating about Mrs. Indu is our story today!

▸How is her fascinating story related to the corporate world is our fascinating story today!

▸What does all this have in connection with the Speed of light? We will see that too today. 🙂

What’s fascinating about Mrs. Indu.. is..

After a busy day at work, Manu reached home. Dinner time. Doorbell rang. With a surprise opened the door as she wasn’t expecting anyone.

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Mrs. Indu!

Manu: Hello Aunt!

Mrs. Indu Smiled.

M: You didn’t call. How did you come?

They made a deal. Mrs. Indu doesn’t know how to use the lift. So she will call and Manu will go down to pick her up. That’s their routine pretty much lately. That’s why Manu got surprised!

Aunt Indu: Few kids are taking the lift, I asked them to take me in and drop at your floor.

M: Oh. Great!

Opened the door with a smile, knowing the recent arrangements with those kids.

Manu traveled back to memories, fast. Per se…., with the Speed of Light?🌝

M: Close this door. Press this number 4 button. And, that’s it. Simple!

Aunt: No. I won’t come by myself. I’ll take your or Uncle’s help.

Manu didn’t push further. M’s mind: Eventually Aunt will learn.. But..?

Scary part! Worse things used to happen! Aunt used to take the stairs just not to trouble anyone..😟 Manu saw all scenario’s: Aunt taking stairs to 4th floor, silently 😟/ taking M’s or Uncle’s help/ Joining those kids)

Doorbell rang.

Manu opened the door with a smile, knowing the recent arrangements with those kids. After a few minutes of casual talk.

Aunt: Today, I came by myself! (Smile on the face. Proud one!)

Manu: Stairs.. or…?

Aunt: No. By lift. Past few weeks, I’m observing those kids and learned. Tried today.

Manu: Congrats!! (said with admiration)

Aunt left Proudly. Till date, I can smell her Proudness!!

Later..? Her visits became faster with no stoppage. Per se, with the Speed of Light?🌝

PS: Sometimes, just leave. Like a fish, they’ll learn in no time.

One more PS, please:🌝 The Aunt in this story is 75+ yo. Her learning never stops! Now she’s progressing in learning Spoken English just for her grandkids. Wow! She’s just wow!

No ‘PUSH’, pls.. PULL will come naturally.. from the DESIRE..

Applies everywhere.. Tweak the metaphor, I used and see.. ..



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