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Doubt Yourself, It’s Good

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Or maybe it isn’t

Have you noticed there’s some type of self-believe propaganda?

I mean almost everyone “preaches” this self-belief and faith in oneself thing while self-doubt is demonized as a “cause of failure”

Don’t misunderstand me, self-believe isn’t a bad thing and in fact it’s great to see more people believing in themselves, believing they’re invincible, unstoppable and using this as fuel to do great things

But is self-belief all it’s made up to be? And is self-doubt something we should get rid of?

Well, I believe they’re meant to coexist, two halves making a whole, but don’t worry I’ll explain

Doubt provides us the chance for self-analysis, a second chance to look at what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the results we are getting

Without doubt, we won’t analyse our decisions and their results, there will be no reflection, and no introspection

Self-believe gets us moving because we must believe we can do the things we imagine in order to actually do them, but a healthy amount of self-doubt expressed as introspection gives us clarity

Thomas Edison believed he could illuminate the world using light bulbs and that believe made him try 1,000 times even when faced with failure


Introspection after each “failed attempt” made it possible for him to re-evaluate what he was doing incorrectly and how he could do it better

Edison’s story is one of tenacity and perseverance all which are fruits of self-believe, but it is also one of critical self-analysis and introspection gained from a healthy amount of doubt


Self-believe = Movement

Doubt = Clarity gained from introspection

Movement from self-believe provides us the chance for experience, and clarity gained from doubt-induced introspection provides us with self-knowledge because to “know thyself” is to look at, look through, and look within oneself.

Does embracing doubt mean you will embrace self-criticism?

It’s important to note that self-criticism and doubt are not the same, doubt is embracing uncertainty while self-criticism is knocking enthusiasm out of yourself

Doubt is a natural emotion for the refinement of your “self” and your plans, but self-criticism is a habit learnt over time

Doubt yourself

The right amount of doubt balances your self-believe and quickens your progress on the path of self-knowledge

Self-doubt is a tool in your arsenal, the question is will you use it or “demonize” it as “bad” and useless?



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