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Dreams: what are they really?

Now, everyone has a definition and a rough idea about what dreams are and you can surely find hundreds if not thousands or maybe millions of opinions about their presence in the mental faculty and how to deal with them.

Sometimes we can find that mainstream definition of them being messages from the subconscious mind, fears and behaviors which might alter your perception which get treated by the brain during the night. If anything, something residual. Otherwise, they can be messages from the Spirit world and messagers for your evolution and success.

Artistic impression for exploring higher realms

But does anyone apply them and get the knowledge behind them?

A part from some universities in Canada(Universite Mikael) which study the realm and the symbology of dreams there appears to be no interest what so ever in decoding them. We seem to have forgotten about them. We have translated their importance to a mere psychology lab tool which doesn’t give too much information instead makes us add more labels into the great dictionary of human propensities.

To be clear and direct there has to be a description of what happens during the night according to science: each night we go through the sleeping pattern-light sleep, deep sleep and REM. Apparently, dreams happen during the REM phase more and they only last a few minutes in the brain even if time is altered in our mind when we enter that phase. Although it’s not necessarily very accurate since we cannot map our memory bits and circuits and some studies show that our memories can be accessed all across our body, that means that whenever we dream something which relates to our past, present or even future, if we access our memories only we would access more from our body than our brain. So, somehow we haven’t got the full picture yet.

Some scientists also agree upon the fact that in our guts we have millions of neurons which have the same basic structure like those in our brains so that means that our dreaming body, if we can call it like this, is connected to more than our brain and memory lanes but also to our guts in some way.

The whole nervous system and memory, and also our endocrine system(the thalamus and hypothalamus, our pituitary gland) participate in creating our sleeping patterns and our dreams.

There is also the William Bulham Institute which studies the psychological aspects of lucid dreaming and the possibility to connect to other realms, less physical than ours, so to speak. And in turn, a lot of Youtube passionate people studying remote viewing, lucid dreaming, Astral Projecting and oneironautics. Robert Monroe is one of the veterans in this field of study.

Anyone can agree upon the fact that dreams are very personal, intimate and that they hold a meaning very important, much more important than a residual thought which just passes your mind. Some dreams can leave you troubled for days or even weeks, some dreams can alter your life, some dreams can refresh you and some can inform you of something that you really need to know but your conscious mind is blocking.

However, if there was a pattern of the pattern of all dreams which can be decoded and if someone wants to know the truth about their life and how to succeed at it there is one thing that everyone needs to know: that is the dream functionality, beyond trauma processing, is to help you recover your energy levels and make you aware of where your attention really goes.

Even if during the day we feel we are focusing on something our dreams tell us otherwise, they are handy because they can show us our real implications about the apparent life that we live, their underlying reality acts like a buffer between us and where we really want to go. Especially if you feel stuck, dreams can show you what blocks you from succeeding, and indeed you must study their symbology, but before that, remember this simple principle:

dreams show you where your energy is going. They show you were your life is “leaking” and what needs to be changed. Regardless of how abstract they are.

So, let’s say you dream about a giant cookie and you have given up upon sugar long time before the dream happened. The dream should be interpreted as you having succeeded at not eating sugar, not as a subconscious craving, and also that you can take back your energy from eating that giant cookie. That now your energy can come back to you. Another example is the typical nightmare of when you see yourself dead in a dream. The typical interpretation is that you fear death and that you try to transcend it. Or that something from your life has to die. Although these interpretations are true, there is also the possibility of that dream reminding you that you can take your energy back from any situations of having leaked it into the death situation or anytime that someone has altered your subconscious in that direction. So, sometimes dreams are the direct indication of the subliminals we have received and not necessarily our own fears. Those subliminals can actually feed from our indifference and unawareness, thus not necessarily a fear of ours, albeit it would be the fear of the unawareness itself, of them being there. To say that they just reflect our fears and desires it’s too basic, yet useful. But the ingredient which in spirituality is called “Soul Retrieval” is necessary as a key ingredient to understanding why dreams are present in our life journey. Some people even talk about Soul Contracts and agreements, and maybe these are a fact and dreams can help uncover them.

High sugar cookie temptation

This simple trick, if anyone can say it’s a trick, it’s rather something we forget, that we are in control of what we give our energy to, can help you become less affected by dreams and can help you overcome the process of standardization of your mind through dreams. Because dreams are not only something private, but unfortunately sometimes they can also be remotely influenced by the psychological environment around you, so it’s good and necessary to remind yourself that you are more than your dreams and that the highest purpose that dreams hold is to help you retrieve your lost energy in bits and parts and to help you gain psychological continuity.

It is only after that you can understand the core issues and agreements that you have with life and that you can be able to address them, after you have taken into consideration the main ingredient: the energy that you hold. Choosing to put it in what really matters to you can make your dream life 100% better than random focus all day everyday.

To conclude: dreams are a psychological and spiritual algorithm through which we retrieve our energy and learn valuable things about ourselves and the world, which our conscious mind has to accept the necessity of just like it can’t function with no reason. Even for people who don’t dream, the same principle applies. The shortest explanation there is, that we cannot have no dreams at all and that we might have lost our remembrance of, should suffice to make one purposefully remember them.

Multiverse artistic impression

If dreams can connect us to “parallel realities” and if these realities exist that is also something worth investigating scientifically but luckily there are people who also study this and the answer appears to be Yes. Yes, there are.

Our minds seem to connect to the infinite quantum field of possibility and our brain translates that in a fraction of a second. That means that faster than light travel is already possible, at least during night time, in our dreaming process. However skeptics might argue that this is far fetched. We seem to undervalue the possibility of our mind to compute and we can only see its functionality in a very pragmatic way. As much as we value reason however, we must also value imagination and dreams, at least in how these aspects of our have helped us shape our world and understand the Universe with more than our 5 senses.

One thing is clear in the dream equation: where your dream goes is where your energy flows.




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