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Dying to Feel Alive

The struggle of igniting the spark within you

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

We love the idea of seeing ourselves as a child or a victim, regardless of what we have been through. There is no doubt that deep within us lies a hall of mirrors, each reflecting a different shade of our being. We see what we wish to see, hence our life continues, either as mediocre or intense. A hermit may live his Truth by repressing his desires, yet it may not work for an artist, perhaps they would go mad instead.

It can be extremely devastating for the ego to live a life that does not resonate with your soul, sadly, very few realise that they are living a lie. What do you do when your repression slowly turns into depression, plaguing your presence.

You know that you are not innocent, yet you wish to believe otherwise. Your temptations have consumed you and now the only option is to throw yourself in the pool of your sins. It hurts to know that your virtues are not enough to save you, but the only option now is to live, even if you do not want to, a force is driving you forward. Waves of your consciousness lead you towards your destiny.

Ripples of hope are shaping your future, although you remain in oblivion. Sometimes not knowing the unknown can be a blessing in disguise, as your doubts may ruin the architecture of your dream.



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