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Educational Technology is in trending

This by Naima Shirmen

Introduction: Educational Technology gets acquainted more in this 21st century. It defines planning, designing, implementing, evaluating, and developing learning and performance by technical process and learning. It aims to alleviate the educational system.

The goal of Educational Technology: The primary purpose of educational technology is to improve the learning sector. It works like a bridge in all of the limitations in the aspects. Both educators and students deserve the way it transforms all difficulties and constraints in an easy solution.

Technology affects education: Technology has its roots in school, college & university students with its charm. It improves the teaching and learning aspects all over the world. A more informative and attractive way of learning extends education to maintain a positive impact.

Where is Educational Technology used?:

  • Distance Education
  • Blended Learning
  • Technology-Enhanced Classrooms
  • Informal Learning

Future of Educational Technology: Technology is leaving an impression in all cases. The education sector isn’t out of them. Students can easily use their full capabilities and potentialities beyond boundaries. Again, one-third of technology users are children, and young adults are internet users, so there is no doubt they prefer this sector. The age of digitalization and newer technology has squeezed.

Challenges in educational technology:

  • In developed countries, keeping multimedia-capable and internet-connected computers is just like trends. But for others, it is luxurious.
  • Using educational technology with its full potentiality, a substantial and extended professional development is compulsory. The innovative way of learning has its method.
  • A tight budget is the main problem. A reserve is compulsory not only for buying technology products but also for maintaining and upgrading all. It will need high tech skills to get advancement.

The importance of disseminating knowledge of educational technology: Teachers are more comfortable in spreading knowledge of educational technology. There are many reasons for it.

Students Demand: In previous times, students got nostalgia about the smells and colorful features of new books. But now they prefer technology more than anything. They have learned how to open the desired games flexibly before reaching the learning age. We have to respect this demand.

Teachers Demand: Don’t think technology is only able to attract new generations. Anyone one gets involved with it, he will prefer it at every stage. Our teachers reveal effective ways through it. They quickly get relief from physical fatigue and deliver a more energetic speech.

Technology Improves the Learning Experience: Learning from an international standard teacher gives an unparalleled quality of experience. Again in the pandemic situation, a digital classroom becomes the only way of learning. These two situations are the blessings of learning experience via technology.

Online Testing: Students get panicked in terms of the exam. If the authorities want, they can solve this problem through technology. Just announce a surprise test with fun and gaming. Students can know the test result instant. Next time they won’t be overwhelmed about the exam.

School is closed, but education hasn’t:

Due to pandemic situations or many other natural calamities, schools have closed throughout the year. Education is one of the best fundamental demand. So researchers innovate ideas to fulfil didactic needs. Otherwise, students lost their productive time, which can’t be acceptable. All have cherished a real accomplishment for E-learning.

The propagation of digital classrooms expands more in the 21st century. The way it designs is supported by the global village theory also.



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I’m Naima Shirmen, Ongoing student of BBA, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.