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Elon Musk You Can Pay Me Your $100M Reward

My 'Technology' is the only one that can stop the need for carbon capture and bring our planet back to normal.

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

My technology is simple, easy to understand and will start working next week, and you don’t even need a calculator to check if it’s working. It is a win-win for everyone, even for the wealthiest.

The reward will be put in a fund to educate politicians on how the influence of lobbyists has driven the world and international agreement onto a track that will ruin our planet.

And I will also organize a tree plant organization — or contribute to an existing one — and plant a tree or maybe one for every wheel on the Teslas you sell unless you do it yourself to reduce your fingerprint.

By the way Elon… Can you tell us how much your rocket launches contribute to global warming? How many launches did you really plan to build the “space carpet” to get everyone online?

I am sure one of the reasons you started to build electric cars was for the same reason people buy it. And I am quite sure you don’t keep your old gasoline car or diesel truck running in your garage with the doors closed.

I read your biography, and both you and the author enhances that you are a smart man. On our planet called Tellus, the garage door is always closed. If you leave Tellus behind you need to fill — what is then the garage Tellus — up with smoke from your combustion rockets. And you also need to steal oxygen from us left behind to be able to get there still being a human being and not a mumie.

On average we overuse our planet 2-3 times every year. Most people don’t overuse. Your footprint must be huge. Maybe it will decrease into the future if the batteries in your cars and the car itself last for decades — and it means more than 20 years. 1% of the population group — the richest — you belong to contribute to more than 50% of the pollution and emissions to air. You know how dangerous those emissions to air are, right? And I love it when you want to do something about it. I did. My solution to stop these emissions works.

Do you think it is fair that people like you — with your kind of weird interest to conquer Mars — has a right to use more than your share on Earth to get there? Do you think it is fair for the human race and other habitats that want to keep on living on our blue planet?

You want to give 0,5% of your paper fortune to get access to more, by using more. This is a very bad idea. I have already solved the problem. There is only one way and one solution. The solution is to stop pollution now.

This is simply the same idea that made you start your car production, and this idea is to reduce emissions to air.

You can read the full story about how easy it is here.


A lot of things have happened the last year. Among those things is proof of my technology works. And you are a clever man. You got staff who can be in front of the few tiny adjustments that is needed in our lives here on earth to implement my solution and make more money.

Here is a story that is the proof my “technology” works. This story has also become a kind of funny read about what NASA was able to detect long before a self-declared billionaire blamed China for doing nothing about the Covid-19 outbreak.

And why don’t we use our knowledge? There’s no need to always run for more. Scientists also need to understand and learn from each other.


And since we’re talking about space here are some intricate words about our closest observer.

Little did I know that I’ve been sponsoring NASA when I bought my old NOKIA flagship with a real keyboard.


So when you’ve finished reading about how lazy days can enrich your life and bring our blue planet Tellus back on track you just give me a note.

Then I can send you my QR-code so you don’t need to leave your office — or wherever you are — and easily transfer the reward I deserve for my contribution on how easy it is to stop global warming now — and how a smart man can even earn on it.

And imagine all the publicity you will get when you really realize how smart it is to start saving our planet before you go to the next.


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