Embracing the Struggles that Shape Mastery

Crafting Seamless Experiences Amidst the Chaos

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One has to be humble enough to admit he has no idea of a topic. One must struggle a lot to meet his goals and remember that all good things come with time.


Keep this in mind, it is probably the most valuable lesson in life. Focus on your dream(s) and you’ll let go of the pain of being an average person.


Life is not another thing that struggles. Find what likes you and achieve it or die trying to do it.

We all want to be healthy, recognized, have a bunch of money, a good car, and work fewer hours. How can you do it? No other way than struggling.

Have a plan, work on it every day, don’t expect to see immediate results, try to be happy while doing it, and succeed.


Am I doing what’s expected to achieve this goal? A constant question in one’s head. What if I never achieve it doing like this?

As human beings, we never stop overthinking.

My personal most important goal is to become a UXer. You don’t even know the retrospection I’ve done to find this was my ideal future job. In short, I like design, I like interacting with people, and that’s how I decided it.

Now, your hands to work.


My personal way is to do the Google course in Coursera, use Uxcel as more practice, and find a mentor in the future. It would be good if I could find a business where I can do an internship. That’s what I thought. Maybe it’s not perfect, I don’t even know if I ever would be able to achieve this, but one has to trust in the process.

I have, of course, more goals to achieve, like signing up for a gym and becoming a beast, or learning to type with 2 hands. But prioritizing is the way the cookie crumbles.

Now your time has arrived.


In life, some may choose not to exert effort, avoiding the discomfort that accompanies the pursuit of ambitious goals. However, as the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that the path of least resistance often leads to a life of unfulfilled potential. Prioritizing effort, setting goals, and trusting the process emerges as the key to unlocking one’s true capabilities.

Prioritizing effort is the way the cookie crumbles, shaping a life of purpose and accomplishment.



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