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Empowerment Is What Your Spiritual Ascension Is All About

Empowerment is as much an unveiling of your truth as it is an expansion of your truth.

Alan Lew
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3 min readApr 21, 2022


by Rachel Lyra Hospodar (Flicker.com, cc-by)

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Empowerment is what spiritual ascension is all about.

Empowerment is what awakening is all about.

Empowerment is developing psychic skills.

Empowerment is finding oneness and unity consciousness.

Empowerment is channeling your higher self and other portions of yourself.

That is all empowerment.

This is all empowering you to be the full you.
It is empowering you to expand beyond the small limited-story of you, into the full universal-story of you. This is empowerment.

Giving power, putting more power, putting more energy, putting higher vibrational energy, expanding the energy range from the lowest to the highest vibrations possible, and encompassing, integrating all of that into your identity, your awareness — that is empowerment.



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