Engulfed By Her Wings…Hopefully

Poetry for a desperate heart

Sakari Lacross
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Poem # 1

Pulling me forward, I wanna say something
But I don't know, if it'll ruin things.
Pulling me forward, we're in two different
State of minds.
Pulling me forward, where would we go
If I brought this chest tingle with me?
Pulling me forward, if we weren't paying attention...and we tripped backwards...
What are the chances, I fall...into your arms.

*PullingMeForward ~ Sakari*

Poem # 2

What if your first born son
Didn’t like me?
What if I wasn’t good enough
For your family and friends?

What if all I was, was a bum in their eyes?

What if being a writer
Wasn’t an answer for them?
What if me not living in the best neighborhood
Was a problem?

What if all I was, was a bum in their eyes?

*What If I Wasn’t Good Enough ~ Sakari*

Poem # 3

So much of you, could never be too much
You could never…give me enough of you.

Write poetry with me.

You do a line…I do a line
Together, we create a Stanza.

No periods or pauses
We’d keep going, natural beauty.

*Char ~ Sakari*

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