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A Simple Business Sustainability Solution

The Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Team

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What is an ESG team?

This is a multi-faceted team dedicated to leading businesses to a more sustainable future. Building an ESG team does not require the recruitment of new employees. A team that is built and established based on the values and principles of sustainability.

“Almost 25% of investment in the United States now goes into ESG companies.” -Tina Thygesen

How is an ESG Team Organized?

Building an ESG team should not cost the business anything. Every leader in the business should correspond with the ESG team. Sustainability is fabricated in every facet of business. A team includes marketing, finance, manufacturing, product design/engineering, and supply chain professionals. Developing a sustainability solution should be an act of cohesion for the business. Executives are responsible for bringing the professionals together and making sure the gears are turning smoothly.

Why build an ESG team?

The idea of being a “woke” business, in the terms of newly elected President Biden, is a difficult task for every business to tackle. Business owners face pressure from customers, lenders and investors to be sustainable. Business stakeholders expect transparency with every action a business takes.

An ESG team will transform a business from a “reactive” to “proactive” to solving sustainability solutions.

Losing customers or an investor due to a sustainability issue is crippling for any business. Each stakeholder on the business has a minimum ESG standard. Businesses have to keep stakeholders satisfied by reaching their standards.

An ESG team will protect, maintain and grow the brand image of a business.


A business that commits a business sustainability “crime” may indefinitely wound their brand image. An ESG team protects businesses from unintentional sustainability crimes. An example that comes to mind is the BP oil spill. This unfortunate event will follow the business forever. The BP brand will always be associated with this man-made disaster. An ESG-linked team should have solved the engineering issue long before the disaster occurred.


Business stakeholder ESG expectations are on the rise. To meet expectations, an ESG team should be in communication with marketing and financial specialists. These specialists should develop reports outlining business sustainability expectations. The ESG team should solve the issues reported by these specialists. Therefore, the business maintains the standard set by customers, lenders, and investors.


Eventually, an ESG team will develop sustainable solutions that surpass business stakeholder expectations. Sustainability will be associated with the brand, and attract new customers, lenders and investors to the business.

Retrieved from BBVA Blog

Sustainable Businesses Follow the Lead of an ESG Team!

The process of solving business sustainability issues should transform the way a business is led. Profit is directly correlated with the level of sustainability of the business. A business will breakthrough to new sales leads and financing options. The new stakeholders will support the business. Soon, the sustainable solutions will organically attract support to businesses. Business sustainability leads to an improved brand image which attracts critical support for the business.

Drive your business forward with an ESG team!



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