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Enlightened with the heart of a dreamer

Blossomed of flower, hope, and raging desire

Photo by meriç tuna on Unsplash

Damned to a home (or lack thereof)

where the dreamer

and the dreams of that dreamer

often wither

Faded were the most profound of lusts

Eternally obliterated

in exchange for the lethal comfortability in conformity

Adhering to the bland promise of the predictable

sinon pour la harmonie, alors quoi?

Bestowed upon me —

a heart of wonder upon wander


says I,

with a mind

constricted to the home (or lack thereof)

where the curious

are promised to die

Damn it, I’m cursed

Damn it, I’m cursed

s’il te plait, libérez moi



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Vanessa Leanne

Vanessa Leanne


Vanessa (n.): Writer, reader, & coffee enthusiast. A lover of 20th century poetry, abstract/contemporary art, & almond croissants at any given moment.