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Have you ever thought about the pressure society holds above us? Nowadays, we live in such a free society that the world is filled with possibilities for everyone. But there’s a problem, though. You have to achieve something even if you don’t want it. That’s the way the cookie crumbles nowadays.

Why does society push me?

This concept is something relatively new since it was born with coaching, and coaching itself is something that was born not long ago.

Nowadays, he who has achieved nothing is pointed at by everyone as lazy. Something he might not be, he would have already everything planned.

The wrong point here is that he starts to feel appalled and disappointed with his entire life, even to the point of falling into a depression. This is our society, guys. Coaches are the real problem.

I’ll tell you more…

Why does coaching exist?

Let’s understand the problem so we could fix it and prevent it.

Coaching was born for helping people who don’t know where to work, what to study… Purely issues related to job life.

Of course, as the days passed by, coaches spent their days running out of work more and more, and that made them step into the field of psychology, something they should’ve never done.

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This drives us back to the beginning again because as society pushes us, our work goals and our personal goals are getting closer and closer. Visionaries?

The real problem

Our relationship with work, the burnout that almost everyone feels, the complexity to improve in your own life, and the few real opportunities we have… are the real problem, not the coaches. Coaches are just a symptom.

You should be wondering why o I say that we have a few real opportunities if I said we have plenty of opportunities at the beginning. Well, let’s give an example.

The truth is that nowadays society is the most well-prepared in history. It is strange to find somebody who didn't go to the university. But in fact, you’ll earn a lower wage than your father. Can you believe that? Even if you studied more than your father or your father don’t.

It doesn't matter what you think, it is difficult to be Jeff Bezos. These cases of success are so strange that a film is made just for them. Imagine if it was easy.

I’m telling you the truth. A coach will tell you 5 tips to become a world-renowned entrepreneur and sell you a course.


The problem is that you don’t close your eyes and visualize whatever you want for your life, the problem is that you don’t eat almonds, and the problem is that you don’t believe in yourself.

That’s what a coach will tell you.

Realize that nothing of that is backed by science, it is much more like a religion. My advice is to trust more in science and less (or nothing much better) in coaches.

Educate yourself, read books, and articles, listen to podcasts, do exercise, eat well, study and you’ll be better than a coach.



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