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Everything You Need To Know About Hellfire

What is the torture in hell?

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What is the torture in hell, is it endless?

Mentioned in the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran about the endless fire torture

The Prophet Mohamed peace upon him said that the people of hellfire their skins change every hour a hundred times, and it keeps repeating forever

Try to imagine please try to imagine

The coming of hellfire is going to be a roaring and raging beast that will be held-down by seventy thousand chains holding each chain seventy thousand angels, and there is no scene more terrifying on the day of judgment than that scene even the prophet Mohamed peace upon him told-to Omar that if you did the deeds of seventy prophets, and you still afraid of that moment. Every creation of god prophets, believers, non-believers will fall to their knees.

All they are saying is that “oh god protect us, oh god protect us.” and hellfire comes in raging and roaring. If hellfire looks at you, then you are of its inhabitants.

So every person, their eyes are to the ground they are afraid to look up.

God says: did I not tell you oh children of Adam that you should not worship Satan and that you should only worship me that is the straight path. Could you not understand this? Could you not realize this?

Here is the hellfire that I promised you

And the people say: oh god protect us.

Everyone is blaming the other person and saying: oh God give them double the punishment that you gave us because they misled us, and even they reach Satan, and they say: oh God he misled us, and he says: God made you a promise, and I made you a promise I betrayed the pledge, I had no authority over you, don’t come blaming me that, you know you did it, I invited you and have you accept me, you bear it don’t blame me, blame yourself

He is not even close to look like Satan
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Hell is a terrible place to be for a little while or a long time!

A man asked me: I do a lot of bad forbidden things, but am not going to hell forever right?, because I am a religious man, so even if I do go to hell, it will not be forever, I can go for one week maybe I can do that much bad forbidden things this is from the Jews they say: few days we can handle it you know after that is heaven lot-of happiness, you pay a one-week price, and then you go back to heaven, what is the big deal?

There is a Surat in the holy Quran called prophets that describe the least punishment in hell and hell described in so many places in Quran but the least, least, least I mean the easy-punishment is described in Surat of the prophets in the Holy Quran, how easy is it?

The person described it has not tasted it and only tasted a breeze, you know when you have a fire, and it has a hot wind, a fraction of hot wind is called whiff, and the verse says while they touched a whiff

The whiff is-used, you know when you close the door, and some hot air comes in as you closing the door, the air that comes in or goes out that called whiff and god says: those people will taste a-whiff They are not even inside hell, but outside they have not even got in yet, and they did not taste the fire they didn’t eat anything, they just exposed to air and is not even hot air, which kind of-air? A cozy air

It barely touched them, you know when sometimes you are boiling, and something comes out and touches you just a bit that’s not-air it is just-liquid

God says: air will touch them, it will barely touch you for-split second and not slide edge air just a whiff of the torture by god just a tiny bit of-air, you know when you have a window inside the window, and a little open and a bit of-air come in, and you felt it on your skin for-split second, and then this is the only torture this person received there is nothing else yet, and they are not even in hell-yet they are still outside, and they say: woe the person swore, I have never been torture like this my entire life this is the worst…, and he says: I must be in the worst part in hell, the weird thing is that he is not inside, yet he is just going to get inside.

True believer knows

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The true believer knows that he must try to-not get there even for little while nor week nor a day nor an hour nor minute.

Dear brothers and sisters, so these people in hellfire now are burning, and they have been-given clothing made of some type-of fire they have been

The people of hellfire have given clouds that look like clouds of rain, but when they-rain, they rain acid

Hell is insatiable, meaning when you throw people in it, the more hungry hell will get as God says in the Holy Quran: on that day will say to hell are you filled, and it will say-is there more

Hell is seventy times hotter than the hottest fire meaning billions of Kelvin, which is the temperature of-the-sun, and it is hot than the sun seventy times, and in The-Arabic-Language when you say seventy means countless.

Hellfire throws out sparks!

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Hellfire throws out sparks, and each spark is so huge just as places if you were to see them they are like a huge-castles well imagine that hell throws sparks continuously, and as it falls in the ground and goes off, it is as if they are a group of red camels flowing out, or they’re running away can you imagine a pack of red camels this is how huge the sparks are

The people who enter hell will be made very big and large they’re going to be massive until the prophet Mohamed peace upon him said: that the normal-teeth of the man in hell would be the size of a mountain try to imagine how big they are and the seat of a person in hell is the size of the distance between Medina and Mecca which is 500 kilometers, well can you imagine how big it is and how huge the distance, and how big their body would be

The body will be so-big so that they feel the punishment even more, and therefore the retribution they got will be even worse and even more

The least punishment inside hell is a sandal made of fire, and your brain will boil from it. Hell is a place of ambush there-are hidden creatures in hell that god created from fire to punish the people of hell

There are so many descriptions that no heart can ever imagine, and God is telling us their state while they are screaming in there they call out, it is a disturbing-terrifying sound of a scream, a disturbing-terrifying sound of the scream

I don’t know if any of you’ve heard this before, they try their best in horror movies to do these types of screams, and god says: they continuously give disturbing sounds of screaming.

The hit is unbearable

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The hit is unbearable, depth very-deep, and your jewelry in hellfire is-chains and spew.

No comfort, no rest, I am wearing clothes from hellfire, and my chains are from hellfire. I am in a dark place I can not see, and there is no one to talk to, no friends to complain to, no company, my bed is hellfire.

No comfort, no rest, no breaks

Never trust what Satan has promised you because it is far too be-fetched, and it will never happen

The Prophet-Mohamed peace upon him of god was once sitting with his companions, and then rock hit the floor, and the prophet-companions heard a bang, so the Prophet Mohamed asked: do you know what this sound is?

They said: God and His Prophet know best

He said: This a rock that was-thrown in hellfire seventy years ago and it has been dropping for seventy years now, and just now it has hit the bottom of hellfire

No comfort, no rest, no breaks people would start screaming out to the guardians of hellfire, and God says in the Holy Quran: hellfire has nineteen guards angels specifically designed for hellfire they only know torture, and their leader is “Malik” an angel called Malik

Since God created him, he is unable to smile neither can be soft, and God describes the angels of hellfire: they are tough and rough and strong unable to disobey God, and they do as told

People will start squealing and screaming and begging for mercy from these guards. I want you to imagine yourself in this torture of hellfire

Never trust what Satan has promised you because it is far too be-fetched, and it will never happen, and no one is safe

Satan promises them and arouses desire in them but-Satan does not promise them except delusion, and the refuge of those will be hell, and they will not find from it an escape, but the ones who believe and do righteous deeds we will enter them in gardens under which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever this is it the promise of Allah which is truth, and whose more truthful than Allah in a statement?



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