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Exactly How Important Being Self-Confident Is When It Comes to Management and Leadership

Do you think your team would be dazzled if you stutter and sweat all over the conference room?

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How the confidence perspectives changed in time and why in today’s world it’s a crucial skill that anyone aims at mastering

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Confidence is a state of being clear-headed either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Confidence comes from a Latin word ‘fidere’ which means “to trust”; therefore, having self-confidence is having trust in one’s self.


Forget about successful leadership and management if you lack self-confidence

How exactly can one implement self-confidence in leadership and management

  • learn from the good examples — reach out to successful leaders and managers and get inspiration from their work ethic
  • learn from the bad examples — there are plenty of examples illustrating poor leadership and management that can teach you what not to do
  • listen to your team — sometimes what your team has to say is much more beneficial to your leadership approach than any other work coach
  • take criticism as a powerful way to learn from mistakes — listen carefully when someone criticizes your leadership approach and make mental notes for improvement and development
  • try implementing different work approaches — check which ones prove to be working wonders
  • be confident both in words and in actions — prove daily that you believe in your own expertise and opinions
  • when in meetings, make sure to demonstrate excellent public-speaking skills — more on the subject I discuss in this article right here

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