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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation

Center of Excellence (CoE- Is that what your organisation needs?)

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Have you thought of a system or centre, where an organisation can find the solution to every problem when they need it? From manufacturing to marketing covering every aspect of the organisation. Have you thought of a set of people with a diversity of knowledge in various areas coming together and sharing their ideas when needed by the organisation? Nowadays many organizations operate in the Center of Excellence or CoE.

It is been incorporated with the technology for more than 30 years now. Initially, CoE was used within the organization by the manufacturing units to centralise and channelise their workforce. Before moving ahead with the topic let me tell you what is the Center of Excellence? “A Center of Excellence (CoE), is a group of people with a special set of skills and expertise. Their job within the organization is to provide leadership, propagate and channel it.” In recent years, the organization is coming up with CoEs in every department, they are Agile CoEs, Testing CoEs and Architecture CoEs for their continuous improvement.

Need for Center of Excellence Model

It is today's need for the organization to establish the CoE model. It will help in 6 aspects and they are-

  1. Identifying new techniques ( The members in it, will identify potential techniques, strategies before bringing them into practice that can help people to adapt to improve the way that they work.)
  2. Sharing techniques (The members will share the most effective technique. It will help to escalate their efforts in the right direction.)
  3. Capturing the right techniques (CoE members will work with dedicated people to grab the most workable techniques to build organizational memory around their processes.)
  4. Provides Support (One of the main objectives of the CoE members is to support and encourage team learning for continuous improvement.)
  5. Organizing Communities of Practice, CoP ( The members initiates and support the communities of practice so that they can guide and use their educational practises.)
  6. Aiding Improvements ( It will help to collect and track the data and help in governing and justifying the financial investments.)

Reason for creating Center Of Excellence

When an organization starts expanding, departments expand too, but somehow the knowledge between the departments are not shared across. CoE helps in identifying various skills and knowledge, brings them together in one place so that they can be shared and distributed among different divisions. Thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

Center of Excellence also helps in innovation and continuous improvement. It helps in creating the backbone that encourages all the members of the different departments to experiment and shove each other forward to do better. It gives more transparency and more shared results, which the organization can regulate around business goals in more competent ways.

Ways of creating Center of Excellence

Every organization is different with a different set of goals. The ways of creating CoE may differ between the organization but a few of the basic ways should be like identifying the potential member, scheduling a regular meeting for sharing the plan, creating a resource centre where the information regarding the CoE activities can be shared and set goals.

The resources and members within the CoE should be given a timeline and evaluated from time to time. This will help the organization to get a better picture and move the step forward towards the improvement of the organization.

Tools Used for CoE

Though it is driven by humans, they need tools for the integration and storing of information. A major part of technology plays role in it. Microsoft provides one of the best tools which can be divided into 3 broader categories and they are-

  1. Admin or Core Components- This is used to set up and align all the resources available and create an admin app. It will give the visibility of all the apps and makers which will help in all admin tasks.
  2. Governance Components- This part of the app deals with finance, compliance and audits of your organization.
  3. Nurture Components- This is the most important part of establishing a CoE. It helps in creating an internal community to share best practices and templates and welcoming new members. It helps in developing better strategies for the same.

This is a new era of CoE. This is the only thing that should be established in all organizations for better production and a better future for the company.

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