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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Are you feeling sorry for yourself or doing something about your failure?

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Unprepared fool

I used to wallow in self-pity and blame everyone, circumstances, for my failure. I would fail an interview or exam and see myself as the person who did everything right, yet the world conspired against me.

I wasn’t selected for the job because the interviewer was crazy [some were], or they were asking irrelevant questions.

If it were exams, I would reel off excuses like “the questions were out of syllabus; the teacher didn’t teach us, or the questions were quite tough.”

I never stepped back and said, “Wait a minute, I was unprepared or didn’t prepare well for the job or exam.”

I used to think that one could crack an exam or interview without preparing for it. I admit I was stupid or arrogant to think that.

I never realized, “Wait a minute, if I want to be accomplished in any field, if I want people to value my skills, I need to work, prepare for it.”

I lived in a parallel universe in which I could get through an interview or job by playing it cool because I was the sharpest person there (I was the dumbest person to believe that).

Interview 2018

And so, I appeared for a content writing interview in 2018. I thought I had good writing skills, and the interview should be easy.

Back then, I seldom wrote and didn’t take up writing classes or read books on language and writing, but I still considered myself a good writer. The smartest fool I think I was.

I appeared for the interview and was rejected. The rejection was written on the wall ever since I applied for the job, but I kept ignoring it.

The moment I walked into the interview room unprepared, I set myself up for failure.

If you have been preparing, you will get what you want sooner or later

Many times, even if you are prepared, you still fail at the interview, but then you will find another job because your skills, sooner or later, will be identified by an interviewer.

Bad luck may prevent you from getting a job a few times, but if you go unprepared, it will prevent you, every time, from getting a job.

It’s never cool not to prepare for the interview or exam.

You need to do your homework to give yourself any chance of qualifying for the exam or interview, otherwise, you can keep squandering time and end up being a victim without gaining anything and losing everything.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Remember it, and don’t let shortcuts enamor you or get in your way of success.



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