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FAT Out Loud

F*ck gravity anyway

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I used to think I was FAT,
​I used to feel FAT, think FAT, act FAT, have FAT, be FAT.

No freedom for FAT,
​No fantasies for FAT,
​No cute guys for FAT,​​​
​No romance for FAT, ​
​No love for FAT.

I used to think I was FAT,
​And FAT was all I allowed myself to be.

I had to be my own butcher.
​Once cut open,
​NO fat flipping,
​NO lard dripping. ​

​Fears chipping,
​Tears rippling,
​Heart stripping.

A blue whale’s heart weighs about 400 pounds.
​Measuring what does not count is for sore losers.

Fuck gravity anyway. Fuck anything and anyone who can’t deal with the weight of my thoughts, words, actions, and love.

Me, learning to fly




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