Feel the Burn (7 Ways to stay fit as you age)

Julian Harcourt
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6 min readAug 12, 2022

Helping you stay in the game for as long as possible

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One of the many things I observe in people growing older is the desire to take better care of themselves. Eat better, live better, and sleep better so you can enjoy/give yourself the best chance to enjoy the benefit of an extended lifespan.

In many cases, changes are driven by an event (perhaps a shock to someone close or yourself).

If you are like me in your 50s, you will have grown up when Bullworkers and Legwarmers were a thing and feeling the burn was an aspiration.

Many Generation Xers and Baby Boomers take health and keeping fit incredibly seriously, and rightly so; it is fundamental to enjoying a longer life.

Pre and post-pandemic, I have dabbled with many different forms of exercise and wanted to share some thoughts. Amongst those I have tried:

1) Running & Walking

Fit tech and the cult of 10,000 steps has undoubtedly assisted here. I love my data, and the use of guided walks on Peloton opened my eyes to the benefits of walking over the pandemic.

For the most competitive groups, the challenge of keeping up with and beating your friends proves motivational, as well as weight loss and the benefit of being out in the (hopefully) fresh air. For middle-aged men, I know walking was a game changer during the pandemic. Fresh air, social interaction (distanced & compliant) and fitness are a pretty good combination!

At the other end, and in the spirit of it’s never too late, there is a combo of Nordic walking and competitive distance running — first marathon/beat your 10k PB or heading off on a great adventure. Or if you are me getting back on the track for sprint training and the booming Masters Athletics scene.

I’ll never understand why there hasn’t yet been an athletics sprint training-based fitness craze. Focus on warm-up and short sharp bursts of activity? It must be a winner surely — HIIT training 2.0, anyone?

2) Yoga & Pilates

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